Weekly Photo Challenge: All Time Favorite

It’s the end of an era, this is the last week of The Weekly Photo Challenge.

While looking for my all time favorite post for this week’s photo challenge, I looked back through all my weekly photo challenge posts, six years worth. I watched the kids get younger and the seasons change in reverse, our house got knocked down again, flowers bloomed and the sun set and rose more than once.

It was hard to pick a favorite, but this post with it’s three little things I wanted to remember from the day reminded me why I started blogging. Why I’m glad I have this blog with random bits of life that I had indeed forgotten. Why I need to make sure to carve time out of busy weeks to continue blogging.

Follow the link for a glimpse of my life in 2013:

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

And if you want to watch six years fly in reverse, follow this link to see all the weekly photo challenges I participated in:

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Thanks again to The Daily Post for the years of inspiration!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transformation


Errr… you know when you go around taking pictures of things in “transition” because you think that’s what the photo challenge is and then you look late at night and realize it was a different, long, “t” word?

Yeah… that’s what I did.

I was going to talk about the transition from day to to night, how the neighbor was taking the corn off his field tonight and how this was taken in my driveway and all the transitions those things contain. It was a great “transition” post I had been writing in my head.

As it stands it was a good thing those clouds have been transformed by the setting sun or I’d have nothing to post tonight!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

metal fish with pigeons

Scrap metal, turned giant fish, turned pigeon perch.

This fish is part of a sculpture called Fisherman’s Dream along The Enchanted Highway in North Dakota. Fisherman's Dream

The Enchanted Highway: where one retired school teacher started taking scrap metal, turning it into sculptures and planting them along a country highway in an effort to turn tourists off the expressway and help keep small towns on the map and transmogrified the landscape in the process!