Storm’s Sticks

This is Storm,

…she likes sticks.

This is Storm,

…she loves sticks.

This is Storm,

she has a stick obsession.

Obsessed as in John and I never touch sticks. Touching a stick is like sending Storm a telegraph indicating that you’d love to play fetch with her for the next three days.  Since that is never the case we don’t touch sticks. Ever.  Even when Storm drops a stick on your lap, you can’t touch it or – THREE DAYS OF FETCH!

Obsessed as in she’s got shiny white teeth from frantically chewing sticks into wood chips on peoples feet in some misguided hope that that will increase the chances of someone playing with her. Brush off those wood chips at your peril, they are actually tiny sticks and – THREE DAYS OF FETCH!

Obsessed as in even Ivy and Clara know that you can’t play with sticks when Storm is outside. Try to use a stick as a fairy wand and -THREE DAYS OF FETCH!

Obsessed as in any unsuspecting visitor to our house is greeted with the words, “Don’t touch the stick.” Sadly for most people they don’t believe John and I and before you know it there goes that Storm telegraph -THREE DAYS OF FETCH!

Like in any true obsession Storm has a huge amount focus and patience when it comes to sticks.  In Storms case this manifests itself in bug eyed, panting, staring, focus and the patience to outlast any unsuspecting victim who might be near a stick and eventually forget that Storm is there and touch it – THREE DAYS OF FETCH!

Storm, no doubt dismayed by her family’s general stick aversion, must remember that the last baby grew up into a girl who will occasionally throw a stick for her. So she is patently waiting for her next playmate to grow up.

Just to make sure she doesn’t miss the moment when Jane is ready to play every time Jane is on the ground Storm brings her a stick. It’s only a matter of time before all that stick dropping persistence pays off and Jane learns her first lesson about – THREE DAYS OF FETCH!

13 comments on “Storm’s Sticks

  1. Hilarious! But oh so true.

  2. jaymarie says:

    ahhh. poor storm.

    maybe jane will be an obsessive stick thrower.

  3. thinkbigmuch says:

    Laughed out loud multiple times even though I’m trying to put a baby to bed. Storm is hilarious.

  4. lynn jenny's stepmom says:

    Ah Jessie, that was fun! Don’t you admire the patience and energy level of our pets? Great photos too.

  5. zannnie says:

    Reblogged this on Bison Havanese and commented:
    cute obsession of a dog named Storm

  6. This is hilarious…I have to say, I love your dog and its energy + enthusiasm. Dream of the day I’ll get a cute one:)

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  9. […] The thing Storm loves most in the world is balls (and sticks). Storm obsesses over balls to the extent that I worry that our girls will forever be inept at any sport requiring one because we don’t ever let Storm play with balls, or see balls or, heaven forbid, fetch balls. Ever. […]

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