Five Dogs at the Gate

Earlier this month we had five dogs.

We have two dogs of our own, then due to various circumstances we needed to hang on to the two dogs we borrowed for our hunting trip and when you factor in Digby’s daily visit that makes five.

Five is a lot of dogs when you are lack both a mudroom and an outdoor kennel.

Five seems closer to ten when you lack a mudroom and an outdoor kennel and it’s raining.

Fortunately they all got along just fine. The visiting dogs put up with Digby’s puppy shenanigans and the kids ministrations and so long as it wasn’t raining everyone was happy.

From Left to Right we had:five dogs at the gate

Digby, our daily visitor the four month old Saint Bernard/Great Dane/Doberman.

Trip, my Brittany Spaniel.

Buzz, my dad’s giant Brittany Spaniel.

Turkey, my brothers mostly perfect Brittany Spaniel.

and Storm, Johns furry Pudelpointer.

For those of you out of touch with your dog breeds a Pudelpointer is a hunting dog with a fair amount of energy that gets expressed with a stick obsession when she doesn’t get enough exercise. (Read Storm’s Sticks for more details.)

Brittany Spaniels are higher energy hunting dogs that expresses their  lack of exercise by running into the next county when you turn your back on them – in 30 seconds or less.

The Saint Bernard/Great Dane/Doberman puppy meets neither the high energy or hunting classifications but he does have some puppy exuberance when he isn’t sleeping or growing.

This means that every morning when I did the chores all the dogs came with and we did laps around the property. Many laps.

I’d head out the back door and the previously relatively calm dogs would realize what was going to happen and get a bit excited. Storm would move sticks around. Digby would lick everything that stood still. Trip would fly in circles around the backyard. Buzz would bounce on his hind legs like a kangaroo and Turk would excitedly prance in the background -because he’s mostly perfect.

The frantic, barking circus of dogs would follow me over to the gate and then with the word “Whoa.” five dogs would stop…


Storm was there she was just standing at the back with her stick, and I couldn’t get her in the photo and open the gate at the same time- sorry Storm.

Five dogs would quiver with excitement but they would wait as the gate opened…


Look at that Turkey dog- he’s so good. If he hadn’t tried to eat our cat every other day my brother might never have gotten him back.

Until I’d finally give them the magic word…


Through the open gate they’d fly and in .03 seconds every single high energy hunting dog would be off in the woods following their nose.

And Digby would be standing alone on the path. DSCN5727-(sm)



This picture was taken last week. Now there are only three dogs, but two of them still disappear and one of them still wonders where his friends go.


4 comments on “Five Dogs at the Gate

  1. Corky says:

    Hahahahah….I LOVE the pic at the gate, beautiful colors! WOW, I can’t believe how big Digby is getting! Gotta love him, wondering what is so darn great in the woods!

  2. Imelda says:

    I hear a merry barking in your house. 🙂 How do you manage all five?

  3. says:

    that is precious — all of it. I know a great deal of which you speak. Turkey looks SO much like our Springer Spaniel (hunting stock, not those silly show dogs) 🙂 … we know all about that energy!

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