Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

This weeks photo challenge was to use a picture taken on the day you read about the challenge. For accuracy’s sake I feel I must admit that both those things happened on Friday and then it sat unfinished here until now – such is life.

In any case, Friday John replaced our water softener. The water softener lives in the much avoided basement. Much avoided because it is really more of a cellar – as in a Wizard of Oz, hide from the twister, door in the ground, cellar. It comes complete with flagstone walls, lots of spiders, dampness and more rodents than I’m willing to admit to – in general I try to forget that it exist. The problem is, in addition to its not so inviting ambiance, every time we go down to the basement something is wrong.  Frozen pipes, broken water heaters, furnace problems, floods, tornadoes – nothing good happens in the basement. (It is of course possible that my attempting to forget it exists when nothing is wrong contributes to the things that go wrong but that’s not a theory I’m willing to entertain right now.)  It seems that the combination of nasty problems in a nasty environment have even inspired my husband to come up with a new life goal- a life goal of filling the basement with rocks.  Not just fill it with dirt.  No, he wants to move the house out of the way and then to throw large rocks into the basement one by one while laughing maniacally.  The basement has not been kind to him over the last few years. (Again this may be because we chose to forget it exists for much of the time, and again, we aren’t going there today.)

Friday when I took my picture the basement was still free of rocks and John was working in a dark, damp, cobwebby corner once again fixing things and mumbling about filling the basement with rocks. I had gone down to lend a bit of moral support… alright, fine, honestly, I had gone down to escape Ivy who was cheerfully following me around demanding all my attention and driving me mad, but I was also lending John moral support and giving him important things like twist ties.  I’m sure I was crucial to the job, just ask me. Jane was riding on my back in my new mei tai (Thank you Jenny!) and I blindly snapped this photo of her behind my back as she looked behind us both, up the stairs into the light.

Today is Monday, we have soft water, there isn’t a tornado in sight and the other appliances seem to be functioning normally. I shall now publish this post and go back to pretending the basement doesn’t exist.

5 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

  1. Grandma Pat says:

    I love your descriptions – I can feel the dark, dank basement. And I love the sunshine on Jane’s face. I soooooooo enjoy your blog.

    • Jessie says:

      Thank you Pat! I’m glad you can feel the basement through my descriptions and not have to experience it in real life. I didn’t even get into the stairs, or the door…. oh I hate the basement!

  2. thinkbigmuch says:

    Haha. My “today” was Saturday. But they needed a disclaimer in this week’s theme for mothers of a million small children. Beautiful lighting on this one! I love the flagstone walls in the background too. At first I was wondering where you took this one. Truth be told, even for me, there would be mental competition between a riding out a twister and going in your cellar – especially if the door was shut. *shudder*

    • Jessie says:

      I tried to get some pictures of the steps (also flagstone) they looked really neat black and white, all those good textures, but they were pretty boring and I didn’t have any willing subjects to liven up my pictures. If they weren’t in my basement I’d attempt to use them as a backdrop or something more often!
      I’m very grateful that we have friendly neighbors with a much nicer basement, so long as I’ve got warning I don’t have to attempt to blindly stick my fingers under the door and heave the thing open. blech.

  3. Great “over the shoulder shot!”

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