Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

My friend Sarah (of thinkbigmuch) and I have been friends since second grade.

When you’ve been friends that long you tend to fall into a few patterns, for instance:

Sarah says, “You should have a blog.”…I say, “OK”

Sarah  says, “You should move your blog to WordPress.”…  I say, “OK”

Sarah says, “We should do the photo challenge on friendship together.”  I say, “OK” (I’m always this easy going, just ask John…)

A large flurry of e-mails and phone calls later we have our friendship photo. Two friends on the same afternoon, four hours away from each other:

To go along with our photo Sarah has shared the top ten reasons why I am her friend. I thought it would be sort of boring if I did the same since you’d be reading basically the same list with our names in different places. Instead, sometimes against my better judgment, I decided to share my top ten memorable moments in our friendship.

In no particular order we have….

  1. One night in grade school we were at my house and had been sledding but were now just laying on our backs under a tree. Sarah asked me why I never talked this much in school. While I was extremely shy during my grade school years (and beyond) talking to Sarah was never a problem. Getting Sarah and I to stop talking… that’s a different story.
  2. When thanks to the gift of a case of beer from my older (read legal drinking age) boyfriend we were obligated to acquire a taste for beer together – on our roof. Thank you John!
  3. Between our sophomore and junior years of high school Sarah’s family moved to Canada. The memory of watching Sarah and her Mom walk away from my Mom and I the last night before they moved can still bring tears to my eyes.
  4. Stealing a candy bar from our friend in grade school and eating it in the bathroom. We were such rebels… except that we weren’t, I have no idea why we did this!
  5. The first time we saw each other when we both had babies.
  6. In high school Sarah was back visiting in Pewaukee during the time she lived in Canada. We had spent all the days (and nights) she was there sleeping minimal amounts and drinking far too much Diet Coke so as not to waste any of our short time together doing something so foolish as sleeping. The last day we were at the kitchen table and started laughing, which turned into crying, we were just one big sleep deprived mess, so happy to be together but knowing that our time was almost over. I can still picture Sarah laughing/crying and my Mom looking at the two of us like we were nuts – which we were.
  7. Weddings. My wedding, her wedding… happy times!
  8. Once we stole a bottle of Tequila Rose from a friends party. We literally ran it home to our own apartment, laughing like maniacs the entire time and then ran back. Apparently you should watch your food and drink around us.
  9. Discovering during a late night of beer appreciation with a tape measure that while I am taller than Sarah, her legs are significantly longer than mine. Our husbands were not astounded by our discovery, a flaw I forgive them for.
  10. Talking on the phone. Talking in the car. Talking late at night. Mumbling early in the morning. Talking. Talking. Talking!

All in all I think it’s been a good start to a life long friendship!

6 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

  1. Imelda says:

    I read both of your posts – one can’t read one and not the other post. Yours is a heartwarming story of friendship, one that made me smile and remember all of my friends who are far far away. I have not made any deep friendships where I am now – I guess those who go a long long way and who have know you for years are special.

  2. thinkbigmuch says:

    Alright. Some of yours made me cry too. They may only be funny to us, but that’s ok! The only thing that would have made that list better is if you were here reading it to me!!! 🙂

  3. Jenny says:

    Your list made me cry! You two are blessed to have each other.

    I have something to add to this list…you both picked the same fabric (butterflies) for your mei tai, unfortanetly we couldn’t find that print in the store!

    • Jessie says:

      Oops, sorry I thought we were mostly just making each other cry today! 🙂
      That’s funny we both picked the same fabric… but not surprising!

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