I Am Too Absolutely Small For School by Lauren Child

Ivy has made a very slow transition to crying at the thought of going to school to hesitant excitement about her first day next week. I can’t give this book all the credit for the turn around but it certainly didn’t hurt.

The voice of Lola the little sister who is too small to go to school is so absolutely perfect nothing I say will do her justice. Unfortunately that means that Charlie, her older brother who is the brains of the outfit, gets second billing which is quite unfair, as he’s pretty fantastic too.

Lola has also helped start a few good conversations between Ivy and I about school. For instance tonight after we read about Lola’s invisible friend Soren Lorensen I found out that Ivy’s invisible friend Belle is also going to school next week.  Apparently Belle has been there lots before and knows lots of things already like reading and chemistry. Ivy thinks Belle will be good company on the bus on the way to school but when I asked if Belle could help her remember where her classroom was since she’s been in school before I got the look. The look that says “Uh Mom. Belle is pretend, why would I ask her things?” Which I find to be quite convenient because Belle has a tenancy to encourage Ivy to do all sorts of naughty things.  Ivy’s defense of “But Belle TOLD me to.” never crumbles to the “Uh Ivy. Belle is pretend why are you listening to her” look I give Ivy. Apparently I’ve got to work on my “looks.”

Would I recommend this? Absolutely! It makes it into the catagory of books I make my adult friends read even if there are no kids around because I think it is so great!

One comment on “I Am Too Absolutely Small For School by Lauren Child

  1. Katie Sal says:

    And don’t forget the neat ghost-like images of the imaginary friend on the pages!
    🙂 Katie

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