Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Our rooster (who goes by the name of “Roosty” ) is the big man of our chicken flock.

Roosty is a White Chantecler who didn’t quite cut it to continue in a friends breeding flock but he’s been a well behaved asset to our laying hens. He finds treats for his ladies, warns them of danger, and walks around looking about as regal as a chicken can look.

I find chickens to be much trickier to photograph than it seems like they should be. They move in quick jerks, have a third eyelid that you don’t notice until you up your shutter speed enough to compensate for their quick movements and then you end up with crazy looking eyes and they either run at me looking for treats or wander off.  Photographing chickens is not for the easily discouraged! This photo was the best of Roosty’s photo shoot. I like the color and how he is posing (it was a photo shoot after all) with the hens mostly minding their own business around them. I was disappointed about the strand of electric fence and would have liked a few of his ladies to present a different side to the camera but my suggestions that they all move a few feet to the left were completely ignored.


You can’t take them anywhere.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I have driven with a chicken in the passenger seat but that’s a different story…

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