The Olivia Books by Ian Falconer

First off I’d like to clarify that I am talking the Olivia books.DSCN0482-(sm)

The books by Ian Falconer.

The books where the first of them has that nice shiny silver Caldecott medal on it.

THOSE Olivia books.

(I have no comment on all other shows videos and books of a pig with the same name.)DSCN0484-(sm)

The books where the face of the Olivia’s mother is one of the best parts.


From Olivia and The Missing Toy.

Those Olivia books are my favorite picture books, and I collected most of them after I had children.

Olivia goes to Venice came out about a year ago and I liked it but not so much that I had to have it. This year when I saw the newest title was Olivia and the Fairy Princess  I rolled my eyes, thought the author was losing it but that Ivy would love it and brought it home from the library.DSCN0485-(sm)But, then I read it and was oh so pleasantly surprised.

Olivia, she’s got a problem with all the pink princesses.DSCN0486-(sm)

Olivia, I had no idea you could get any cooler but with the line “If everyone’s a princess, then princesses aren’t special anymore!” you became my all time favorite pig.

Ivy who has joined the hordes of girls (and pigs) who love pink princesses was unimpressed but I, I have a new favorite children’s book!

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