Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

Weekly Photo Challenge: IlluminationDSCN0605-(3sm)

In diving when the judges award scores they are multiplied by the degree of difficulty (D.D.) and then added together for a total score.

Taking this picture was like doing a back dive with two somersaults in the pike position.

It’s just a picture of an icicle, you say.

HA! I say.

First off this was the only icicle within reach that had sunlight hitting it.

Unfortunately the only way to get my camera at the right angle to catch the sunlight was to position it between the icicle and the shed while holding my camera up above my head.

This would have been easier had Jane not been in the amautik thrashing around letting me know that she was done with pictures and ready for dinner.

Then, because the auto focus wouldn’t catch the icicle, I kept with my resolution from last week and on the spot figured out how the manual focus on my camera works.

(Let’s keep in mind that it’s a funny auto zoom in, up and down arrow to focus, zoom back out and take the picture sort of manual focus.)

Meanwhile my fingers are starting to resemble my subject matter and Jane is now yelling in addition to thrashing and in trying to figure out how to focus when I can’t actually see the camera screen I accidentally break the tip of the icicle off.

The tip of the only icicle within reach that is catching the last of the sunset.

So, when you look at my mid-icicle picture, just remember to multiply by a decent D.D. before you comment!


2 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

  1. xpat92 says:

    Yes indeed, very high level of difficulty. I never criticize how one colleague took a photo because you got to be there to understand the story behind the shooting.
    You brought out the shine on the icicle very nicely! 🙂

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