The Tour – Part 2

The virtual tour continues… (See the The Tour – Part 1 if you missed the beginning.)

If you’ll remember you had just followed Clara through the arch of wisteria (and, crossing my fingers it will take, my clematis) and past the garage.

As you step out from behind the garage you’ll finally see our house.front of houseCute as it is don’t get distracted and keep your wits about you. Clara’s favorite tree is just along the sidewalk and I’m sure by now she’s in position to show you her tricks.Clara in treeMany unsuspecting people (myself included) have gotten bonked in the head by the end of the branch as she jumps off the one she is crouched on and leaps to her right to grab the next branch!  (Yes, the contusions on her face are from her tree climbing adventures how did you guess?!)

If you can manage to avoid any concussions you may get lucky and see one of the few redeeming factors of the plethora of hostas that surround the house.

hummingbird moth

The hummingbird moths love my hostas even if I do not.

I know now that you are finally standing in front of the door you really want to check out the inside but look at Trip-

Trip behind gate

The yard is narrow! See the gate leading out to the woods directly behind Trip?

He is waiting very patiently to meet you!

I’ll even promise to keep him from jumping on you if you promise to keep a secret. Please don’t let him know that a dog who climbs on top of cars and jumps on top of round bales would have no trouble leaping this cute little fence!

Speaking of dogs… what do you think about this spot?

between garage and house

You have now gone through to Trips side of the gate and are looking back at Clara’s favorite tree. It is the mostly leafless one right in the middle on the far side of the sidewalks.

The overhang on the back of the garage is set up as a potting bench and looks to be a perfect area to harden off plants coming out of the greenhouse. On the other hand, it would also make a perfect spot to turn into a dog kennel with a small covered outdoor run and access to the garage. It’s a big decision. If you’ve got any brilliant thoughts let me know!

You’ll have to talk and walk though. Past a few flower beds and across the very small lawn Jane is waiting to show you her new chair and the goldfish in the tiny pond behind her…Jane by fountain

Well, as usual, I don’t have any idea what she said, but she sure had a lot to say!

Now that she’s busy throwing wood chips in the water lets go check out my shady vegetable garden.

vegetable garden

You just chatted with Jane beyond the willow you see on the left side of this photo directly behind the house.

Yeah- I know- tomatoes don’t really ripen so great when they are in shade half the day. I’m thinking of planting grass seed and a much needed clothes line here next year and finding a new spot for the garden.

What do you think?

Clara sitting on bench.

Clara’s bench is right under the large willow that can be seen in the garden picture.

Can I convince you to join Clara and I in the backyard for some planning and dreaming before we move on?back of house with apples

Don’t worry we won’t stay too long, there’s still lots to show you!

(Continued in The Tour – Part 3)

10 comments on “The Tour – Part 2

  1. Helen says:

    Wonderful tour! (Pretty little girls along the way don’t hurt a bit.)

  2. Becky says:

    You convinced me….I would love to hang out with you and Clara on that bench 🙂 Your place looks like a wonderful place for your girls to explore and enjoy. Thanks for the tour, looks like you have your hands full with all that property! I will not complain about my very, little backyard ever again!
    Looking forward to the next tour!

  3. Susie says:

    The contusion and hummingbird moth photos are my favorites in this bunch.

    • Jessie says:

      Your two favorites make me laugh – but I like them too! We found a dead hummingbird moth on the driveway – Clara was very excited, it’s eyes are CRAZY big – it’s in our “frame” and the girls have been showing it off to visitors. Many of whom are less appreciative than Clara would like them to be! 🙂

  4. says:

    gosh I love these photos. Trip looks like he could easily climb on top of cars and round bales. When we lived in the country our dogs always climbed the round bales and our female Aussie used the woodpile to leap up onto the roof of the wood shed to try and get at a squirrel! Getting down was not as easy as getting up!

  5. […] If you can manage to park your vehicle out of the way of the circus on wheels you will no doubt be pressed into watching a full “show” of the best and current tricks.  After managing to extract yourself from that situation (and before you protest remember the oven factor) ask Clara to show you the house. Then try to keep up as she runs past our two car garage (that only has room for cars in it in my dreams) and heads towards home… (and part 2) […]

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