The Tour – Part 3

Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry! I can’t believe you are still sitting on that bench! Life just got the best of me for a bit, we took some trips out of town and John was gone and we all got sick and… well you know how it is-  just life.

But please, please, get up. Let’s go for a walk, stretch your legs, we’ve got more to see!

We’ll head out the back gate here into the woods. Watch out for the dogs though. Well you can’t see them yet because they have already sprinted up ahead and do their best to catch chipmunks, but they’ll be flying back past us any moment.  Storm usually has a giant — stick! Is your leg OK? LOOK OUT!  I’m so sorry! The girls think they are being careful while waving big sticks around but obviously they aren’t!  But if you can keep your footing with the dogs about and protect your eyes from the sticks, this trail is really rather nice. We’ll just follow it here as it winds about a bit to the far end of the property.girls on trail Alright, I can see that just looking at all that buckthorn and multiflora rose is making your blood pressure rise. Please try to look up a little higher and check out the oak, maple and pines instead and before you know it, we’ll be in the orchard.

Here we are! Jane and chickens under apple treeCareful! Don’t walk there! You’ve got to watch your step, there are downed apples everywhere and it’s such a nice day that the yellow jackets are out it swarms! Our orchard is small compared to the one you drove by when you came up the driveway. We only have about 30 trees. (Well 32 and one pear to be precise.) Of course you can have an apple! Try as many as you like – well not that one! You gotta watch for worms! Here try this one instead, it’s a Baldwin it’s John’s current favorite. Or over here you can try an Erwin Baur, I love that one. Clara’s favorite is the Yellow Delicious, Jane eats them all we just try to keep her from picking them off the ground. Go ahead and pick her one of those Golden Russets there, they look brown and weird but they are tasty. Ivy – no Ivy scorns all our apples for the neighbors – 32 varieties and we still can’t please everyone.

As you can see we are swimming in apples, we can’t even pick them fast enough this year.

But the chickens are loving the windfalls.chickens under apple tree

And so are the ducks who are living in the coop we moved. Didn’t I tell you about that? Well…. (The Tale of The Perfect Little Chicken Coop)Ancona Ducks

We’ve been making apple cider and apple pies, sauce, butter… And that reminds me, have I told you about John? Here we are drowning in apples and he BOUGHT ten pounds of apples! Yes, bought them and brought them home because he thought it would be “a good project” for him and Clara to turn them into dried apples.


applesWhat do you mean “What’s that”?

That is a bag for you.  You can’t leave without a bag of apples!  I’ll help you pick – Not on that! That ladder is a safety hazard, only John is crazy enough to use that one! picking apples Here, use this one.

You know, on second thought, let’s get you back to the house.  I’ve got lots of apples all ready picked there and you finish the tour with the inside of the house. Just follow Jane and try not to get hurt anymore…

Jane in apples

“Come on!”

So… have you always been this accident prone, or is this a new thing?

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6 comments on “The Tour – Part 3

  1. Jessie says:

    Look at Storm just waiting for John to throw/drop/nudge/kick an apple and she will retrieve it.

  2. Imelda says:

    I LOOOVE your place. I wonder – why did your husband buy 10 lbs of apples? Maybe, they’re a different variety. 😉

    • Jessie says:

      He thought they were… then we got a “map” of our orchard and discovered that we have that kind too! 🙂 Really he wanted some that were good to turn into dried apples he thought ours were too buggy. But I have 4 quarts of dried apples on the shelf that say they are just fine! 🙂

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