Cheerful Noncompliance Strikes Again

Clara and I are having a little trouble seeing eye to eye today.

Or you could more accurately say that I am cranky and Clara is cheerfully non-compliant.   I must have missed the lessons that Ivy was giving her in cheerful noncompliance but I must say, she has mastered the skill.  Also, it seems that cheerful noncompliance turns me from a cranky mother to an insane mother, which is unfortunate for all involved.

Like most insane mothers I tend to talk (read: lecture) more than I should.

After an afternoon (read: two hours) of frustration I was trying to convince Clara to go do something really fun and exciting outside (read: I was desperately trying to convince her to get out of my sight in the nicest way possible).  Finally she was headed out the door and I, in my insane mode, had to give her a few last directions (read: I shouted lectures at her all the way to the door from the other side of the house) all which revolved around not letting the muddy dogs back in the house.


My girl Clara though, she’s super talented. She has not only got the hang of cheerful noncompliance but has also mastered cheerfully irritating compliance.Clara black and white

To my ridiculous barrage of directions a little sing song voice trilled out:

“All right, I will keep that in mi-ind.”

She went out, the dogs didn’t come in, I rolled my eyes took a deep breath and enjoyed three minutes of bliss.

Then she tried to boil her sister like a lobster in the shower.

But that, is a whole different story.

Now I have to go, the only cure I know for insane mother syndrome around here comes in a delightfully shiny, red and silver can – and we are out.

Time for a trip to town!

2 comments on “Cheerful Noncompliance Strikes Again

  1. Peter S says:

    “All right, I will keep that in mind”, I can imagine what that sounds like. I get “That might not be such a good idea, Dada!”

  2. Imelda says:

    The scene sounds familiar. 🙂 Your photos of your kids are lovely lovely. What a treasure you have there. 🙂

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