Turning Four

Clara started off her fourth year practicing some life skills. After all, it’s never to early to start.

First up was how to climb without falling out of a tree and giving yourself a black eye. Clara on climbing wall

I did not take this picture, as the only thing that I’d like less than watching my family crawl up the side of a wall is doing it myself. Jane and I stayed home while John and Clara were joined by another Dad/Daughter duo for the adventure. So, while I’ve no stories of my own to share I can tell you that the girls came back all smiles and giggles. I heard about how they got to climb “ROCKS AND ROPES MOM!” They showed me just how very high their dads climbed (At least as high as a newly four year old standing on the back of a couch can reach.) and I heard all about how there are “rules about climbing.”

No falling, no black eyes, happy kids. Life skills progressing well.

After a day of play we met John at his work for dinner, cake and presents and Clara worked on life skill number two for the day.

How to open gifts at a wedding shower.

Clara opened each present with her mouth wide and girly squealing sounds coming out of it. Then she’d see what was inside – “I love it! It’s just what I always wanted!”…”What is it?”Clara fourth birthday

I figure she’s about half way there. Which is further than I have ever made it with that particular skill.

Finally I must add that I made Clara a moth cake. It’s been confusing more than a few people, they think they can’t understand what she is saying but it’s true. I made her a moth cake.  A Rosy Maple Moth cake to be completely accurate -because I like being accurate and Clara likes chocolate cake with pink frosting – and moths.

The cake looked like this, which I thought was pretty darn good for a moth.moth cake

But Clara’s face when she saw it was even better!Clara fourth birthday cake

In her list of life skills she’s working on she can cross “how to melt her mothers heart” right off, she’s got that one down pat!

Happy Birthday Clara!

5 comments on “Turning Four

  1. Sue ELORANTA says:

    I like how birthday parties have evolved from a party at McD’s (my kids had one of those) to Rock climbing, circus train cakes to moth cakes. Looks like a blast.

  2. Susie says:

    Happy Birthday Clara!

  3. Alonna Wright says:

    Hello! I work in a research lab studying moths and this is National Moth week, and we are trying to find instructions for a moth cake to celebrate. Do you have instructions on how you made this? Thanks!

    • Jessie says:

      Happy National Moth week, I’ll tell Clara, she still loves moths!

      I also noticed there isn’t much for moth cakes directions. But as near as I can remember here is what I did…

      I baked a square pan of cake, full cake mix. then I used one corner of it for the main body and wings, cutting it to the shape I wanted. Then I added extra depth for the body by gluing parts of my scraps that I carved into the proper shape by gluing them on top with frosting. And frosted it all over. The eyes were Junior Mints and the antenna fancy candles. I added colored sugar to the body trying to make it look a bit more fuzzy.

      I hope that helps (I’d love to see a picture) just remember. Cake is easy to cut apart with a serrated knife and most mistakes can be glued back together with frosting. At the end of the day it’ll taste great!

      Good luck!

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