DVD Trouble

Both of Jane’s sisters were at at birthday party so she and I were going to have a special night of our own. We had rented a movie, popped some corn and were all settled in. But the DVD had some serious scratching issues. After the third round of hopefully waiting for it to unfreeze and giving up and taking it out and putting it back in and finding our place and skipping ahead just a smidgen, it froze – again. Which is what prompted my little girl to stomp out of the room while exclaiming:

“Movie suck!Jane black and white

And I, (with the certain knowledge that such unbecoming language came from either John or myself and that if we aren’t more careful our children are only going to be fit company for drunks in backwoods bars, which they aren’t near old enough for yet) thought:

“Awww shit.”


At least that time it was only a thought.Jane black and white smile

Despite all our issues we did eventually finish the movie and have a very nice night together.

5 comments on “DVD Trouble

  1. Hopeje says:

    She really has a doll face! Seems even more wired when they repeat our “dirty” words. Worst for us we say them in 3 languages

  2. I have never allowed my kids to say “sucks” and they always roll their eyes at me. I don’t know why it always bothered me (even when I use much worse language on occasion šŸ™‚ ). Oh, and I love that B&W portrait of your daughter!!

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