DVD Trouble

Both of Jane’s sisters were at at birthday party so she and I were going to have a special night of our own. We had rented a movie, popped some corn and were all settled in. But the DVD had some serious scratching issues. After the third round of hopefully waiting for it to unfreeze and giving up and taking it out and putting it back in and finding our place and skipping ahead just a smidgen, it froze – again. Which is what prompted my little girl to stomp out of the room while exclaiming:

“Movie suck!Jane black and white

And I, (with the certain knowledge that such unbecoming language came from either John or myself and that if we aren’t more careful our children are only going to be fit company for drunks in backwoods bars, which they aren’t near old enough for yet) thought:

“Awww shit.”


At least that time it was only a thought.Jane black and white smile

Despite all our issues we did eventually finish the movie and have a very nice night together.

Terrier by Tamora Pierce

I had just finished this book and was trying to explain to John a why I liked it and this is what came out:

“It’s a book that had it been a movie I would have loved it but because I liked the book I’d never see the movie, but do you know what I mean?”

Fortunately he did know what I meant.

Here is a translation for the rest of you. The book involved a lot of beating the bad guys up with big sticks, funny quippy sort of comments from the good guys, who weren’t all guys and weren’t an angelic type of good. The main character is a girl who’s quite adept at beating people up herself, and she has an interesting purple eyed cat.

As it turns out my favorite movies are the ones where good guys aren’t really that great and they make lots of quippy comments while they are running around blowing things up, which is always good because there is significantly less gore and guts.

I’m not a fan of gore and guts.

-Or I like romantic comedies.-

What I really don’t like, and have just stopped watching altogether are movies based on books that I liked. My reasons are as follows:

1)They are never as good as the books.

2)My mind is then poisoned with movie images that I can never shake, which is extra lame because of the first reason.

3)I don’t actually read a ton of books where stuff gets blown up, so I don’t really have to worry about overlap there.

4)I do read books full of suspense. Suspense in books is fine, I just read faster, I like it. Suspense in movies irritates me and I ALWAYS jump. I hate jumping.

5) I also hate nightmares. It takes a bit in books to give me nightmares, Steven King gives me nightmares. When it comes to movies I could probably manage a nightmare after watching the Sandlot. Therefore half the books I read are movies I would never see for fear of nightmares.

6)If I want to have deep thoughts about something I’ll read a book. Movies are, in my opinion, for open mouthed, drooling, mindless, entertainment. Therefore if I’ve read a book that requires any sort of brain power I’m not interested in seeing it on the screen.

When in comes to movies I didn’t love Seven Pounds (way too much thinking) I won’t be watching the Time Travelers Wife, or Inkheart (because making a movie about a book like that is just wrong) and don’t even get me started on Harry Potter…

But I did really like this book. So much so that if it becomes a movie I’ll never – ever – watch it.

Would I recommend it? Yes!

Old As The Dinosaurs

We don’t watch a lot of movies. Partly because we are without that whole TV thing, partially because I’m indifferent to many movies, and partially because there is too much other stuff to do.  But every now and then when John is away and Clara goes to sleep early Ivy and I have “girl night.” We’ve done different things but most often we paint toenails and watch movies. It used to be that we could choose from a variety of movies, Beauty and the Beast, Shrek, Toy Story, Milo and Otis… but now Ivy has become terrified of anything scary and refuses to watch any of those. Our choices have dwindled to a leapfrog video that if I hear again I might be forced to smash with a hammer and Seabiscuit. Seabiscuit is a great movie, Ivy loves the horses and the racing, but it’s not all exactly four year old material.

Last movie night we watched Secretariat.  It was a good move, nothing scary, lots of horses, lots of racing, and most importantly nothing a four year old shouldn’t see.  It was a welcome change to see Ivy shaking with excitement instead of fear while we watched.

The races were by far her favorite and she gave me a running commentary on every one. They went something like this:

Mom who is going to win?

Mom the blue one (Secretariat) is in the back.

Now he’s running faster mom

Oh he’s going so fast!

Look, Look he’s beatin’ those horses.

He won Mom, aren’t you so excited?!??!

After it was done she was full of questions about the people and the horse wanting to know if we could see him and if he was real. Here is part of the conversation that followed:

Me: Secretariat was a real horse, but he lived a long time ago.

Ivy: A long time ago before I was born?

Me: Yup, a long time ago before I was born!

Ivy: You mean when there were dinosaurs?

They say kids age you but I had no idea by how much!

Techies We Are Not

Our big vacation last week was at our family’s cabin near Tomahawk.  We went up prepared for a week of outdoor fun and immediately got rained on for two days.  Then Tyler showed up, with all his fancy computery sort of equipment. Of course in my family having fancy computery sort of equipment means that he brought a laptop with movies on it that could access the internet.

We are not hard to impress.

The first night he was there he pulls out his laptop and we think about watching a movie, pretty soon we are all grouped around him on the couch like a bunch of crazy monkeys. It was kind of pathetic, until this happened.

Yup, that’s my family hanging out in the garage watching a movie in their rain jackets.

Points of interest:

-The huddled together look is from a combination of having not much room between the boats and the fact that nobody could hear the laptop speakers over the rain.

-Just over their heads you can see Johns gigantic grill/smoker he got for Christmas, dinner was cooking and I think that’s why everything got set up in the garage. There is a very nice “shack” with crazy things like couches, coffee tables for your beer cans, and windows to quite the noise of the storm, but clearly that’s missing half the fun…

-John grilled/smoked us dinner everyday it was delicious! I’m having trouble adjusting to regular life, regular food, and being the regular cook!

Thankfully the sun came out the next day after Tyler went home and we went back to our normal movie-less existence.

Apparently a major hazard of having no TV’s in the family is that you’ll put up with all sorts of indignities just to watch a movie and cook dinner at the same time.