The Time Change Killed Her

You remember her right, my darling Clementine? She is lost and gone forever and it was the time change that did her in.

What a dreadful sorrow.

There she was in a nice routine, driving her ducklings to the water every day just at nine, when someone up and changes the time on her.

I can’t say if the ducks staged an angry uprising at the change or if she really did hit her toe upon a splinter in her fuzzy sleep deprived state. But, either way, I’m certain it was the time change that did it. And there she was, drowning in the foaming brine.

What a dreadful sorrow.

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking, “Don’t be ridiculous, that song was written long before Daylight Savings Time ever existed.” As to that, I say clearly the song was written by a benevolent time traveler attempting to warn us of the dangers of messing with the clock.

Have we listened? No.

Are you regretting that this morning? Yes.

What a dreadful sorrow.


8 comments on “The Time Change Killed Her

  1. Becky says:

    YES!!! They need to just leave the time alone! Ugh….

  2. dreadful indeed! Let’s all move to AZ or better yet, Hawaii!! I HATE it and whoever invented it. Which I’m pretty sure was a bunch of farmers.

  3. John says:

    She was so confused that she took her ducks for a swim in someplace with saltwater. Clearly she hadn’t had her morning tea. Foaming brine indeed.

  4. Reading this several days after the time change. I’m still not caught up, so I’m not a fan of the time change 🙂

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