Outsourced by Eric J. Gates

4,377 pages.

That was a number large enough, and out of context enough, as to be almost meaningless – until this morning. Now, I can tell you what 4,377 pages means.

4,377 pages means that if you think that the book you’ve been staying up too late reading can probably just be finished quickly because you are 77% of the way through – you are wrong.

4,377 pages means that even if it’s spring break and you can hear the kids happily playing upstairs, giving you no pressing need to get out of bed, you should not give in to the desire to know what happens next.

And 4,377 pages means that when you do finish it, because of course you will – it’s the dramatic conclusion, you will still be in the kitchen looking for your first cup of tea when there is a knock at the door. And even though you were expecting your friend, it will still be a little bit shocking.

FYI 4,377 pages on my Kindle app is a 364 page book. Had I been holding a paper copy I would have known that it’d be best not to finish the last 84 pages of a book before I brushed my teeth when company was on the way.

Thankfully, she’s a good friend.

Would I recommend it?  When you read it, plan in some time for that ending. After all, if you consider that the story needs to wrap up a mass murdering assassin, a device that’s not quite within the realm of normal, which is being sought out by high ranking government intelligence, and two authors that have become mixed up in it all, 997 pages seems pretty minimal.

 Extra thanks to Barb Taub (She’s a recurring theme lately, have you noticed that? Do you follow her blog yet?) for reviewing the book and to Eric J. Gates for hosting a giveaway with her.

While I did receive this book for free in the giveaway, this honest review was given just because I liked it!


7 comments on “Outsourced by Eric J. Gates

  1. FictionTimes.com says:

    Reblogged this on Book Reviews and Author Interviews.

  2. Rosie Amber says:

    So glad you told be how many real pages the book had, I wouldn’t consider touching one that long if 4377 were the real number.

  3. barbtaub says:

    Wow! That was a *fast* 4377 page read.

  4. Wow! Had me worried there for a minute, and I wrote the novel! Does this mean I should put a ‘Warning: Addictive Reading!’ sticker on the cover?

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