Pressing Cider

This year we are trying something on tree

Using a small cider press,cider pressing and lots of help from the children, cider pressingwe are pressing each of our individual varieties of apples separately. cider pressing

As the trees have ripened each variety has been pressed, bottled in half gallon jugs, labeled them appropriately and stored in the freezer. Now, with just a bit more planning and spreadsheet making to do, we’ll be ready to offer them for sale.baskets of apples

Heirloom apple juice, ready to drink or blend into unique mixes for home cider brewing!



7 comments on “Pressing Cider

  1. barbtaub says:

    I have such fond memories of living in the mountains of Virginia and going out to friends’ orchards in the fall to pick and press apples with my children. They were heirloom varieties I’ve never had since and (in our memories anyway) those apples made the best cider ever.

    I wish I could stop by for a taste of your cider!

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