Run! But Only If You Have to.

Running makes me feel fat.

Now hold all your collective horses, I’m know I’m not fat. I’m not worried about it. In fact right now I’m eating an Oreo as I type because I’m active and muscular and except for the cookies (and cake and Diet Coke) I’m a fairly healthy eater but I still really hate running because it make me feel fat.

It’s the jiggle.

Because it doesn’t matter what sort of substance your body is made of, if it’s not a bone, it jiggles. And you know, probably the bones jiggle too – because running sucks like that. And jiggling body parts don’t feel good. They don’t feel good when they jiggle and they don’t feel good when they are done jiggling. They feel flabby and terrible.

Any other active workout leaves me feeling awesome. I like being awesome, so I do it again. Most days I workout, feel awesome and eat cookies. It’s a strategy that’s working for me on all sorts of levels.

It's ridiculously difficult and silly to attempt to take a picture of yourself doing a Les Mills Combat workout. And just the sort of thing I like to do around ten o'clock!

Non-running workouts can make you feel awesome like a rock star and then you take selfies!

But then sometimes I have to run (like when I have five dogs in my house and they need to be more tired) and I don’t feel awesome. I feel jiggly and decidedly un-awesome. Who ever thought to themselves, “Gee, I feel terrible both physically and emotionally now. I think I’ll go do it again tomorrow?” and ever had success with such a plan?


Because that’s a terrible plan, just like running.

Moral: Working out will make you feel awesome. But probably not running because, unless you are made of nothing but connective tissue and bone, running makes you jiggle and nobody likes jiggling. Don’t run if you hate it, find a workout that makes you feel awesome! Then eat cookies and blog about it.


17 comments on “Run! But Only If You Have to.

  1. Jellyfish Mama says:

    Hahaha! This post but a little too close to home for me since today was the day I was supposed to finally start my fitness routine/diet but obviously didn’t 😁. I was supposed to go for a run. I did not go for a run. I ate ice cream instead. Aren’t I just grand?

  2. Run Wright says:

    That’s hilarious but so true. Running can make you feel like you shouldn’t be running. But then, you fall in love with the motion and you forget about everything except the freedom you’re experiencing as you run. Don’t stop running until you get to that point!

    • Jessie says:

      It’s true, there is a freedom to running, or really any motion, that feels great at the time. But I still never feel awesome when I’m done like I do with so many other things. Maybe it’s because I don’t get to use my arms. I like using my arms! 😉

  3. This was an awesome post, honestly though, I’ll still go running though…

  4. Jenny says:

    That is a great picture! I love to run. Could this be the only difference we have? I agree do what you like to be active running isn’t the only option! Since I have made time for all kinds of exercise – biking, exercise videos, hiking, and running an almost every day thing I jiggle less during my runs and have been feeling skinny when I run.

  5. thinkbigmuch says:

    How can you look adorable and fierce at the same time? #selfieskill

    • Jessie says:

      Here, I’ll teach you how:
      Step 1: Wait until after 10 at night and then bounced around punching at your camera.
      Step 2: Take ridiculous pictures of all the parts of you except your face for a really long time.
      Step 3: Get a terrible case of the giggles but stick with it.
      Step 4: Edit and sort the 1,234 pictures you just took until you find the good one.

      I look forward to seeing yours! 🙂

  6. Julie says:

    I have to find something physical to do so I can drink my beer. I’m ok not to have cookies. Good job Jessie, really enjoy your posts.

  7. Uncle Weasel says:

    Running makes me feel jiggly too!
    That’s why I sit still as often as possible

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