I’m A Tiny Pepper!

I know, I know, you thought I walked more upright and was less green, didn’t you?

But for the month of November I’m joining in with the insanity that is posting every day with the NanoPoblano’s and a tiny pepper I will be!nanopoblano2015dark


Mostly it’s because I love a good challenge.

You see, it starts like this…

Someone says, you should do this thing with me. And I say to myself, “No I could never do that thing because x, y and most importantly, z.” And then I say to myself. “Whatever, I totally could do it if I wanted to.”

And then I do it – just to spite myself.

Because that’s just how contrary I am.

And also, because dinosaurs are very convincing creatures.

If you’d like to hear more about the NanoPoblano’s or NaBloPoMo read “waiter, there is too much pepper in my coffeekash”. Of course what you will read is written by said convincing dino. You might not want to actually follow the link unless you are willing to publish a blog post daily for the next thirty days.

(And you could, it’s not too late!)

See you tomorrow!

(and the next day… and the next… and…)



15 comments on “I’m A Tiny Pepper!

  1. Welcome to the fun!


  2. E. says:

    Dinosaurs are extremely convincing! I am also doing NanoPoblano just to spite myself. Yay for stubbornness and insanity! *giggles madly*

  3. barbtaub says:

    Alas, I on the other hand, am attempting NaNoWriMo (novel I one month) so my blog activity will be severely curtailed.

    Looking forward to your daily posts!

    • Jessie says:

      Alas?!? Alas?!?
      I think the words I would use would run more along the lines of….
      “Barb is writing another novel!!! YAY!!!!!”

      But that’s just me…. 😉

  4. rarasaur says:

    YAY! Jessie the Pepper! It’s the bessssst thing ever! I promise, we’re gonna have fun… even if we have to do something crazy. 😉 I’ve been reading everyone’s posts, and awwww. I love people so very much. NanoPoblano’ing is going to make me cry with joy. I guess I missed all of y’all.

    Good luck, chica… not that you need it. ❤

  5. LindaGHill says:

    It’s gonna be great – or exhausting – or both!! 🙂

  6. The things we do to ourselves, right?! Happy to be on this journey with you! Surely it will be challenging and wonderful and worth all of the effort, if just to push our limits a bit 🙂

  7. Firewaves21 says:

    Dinosaurs are the most convincing creatures. Yes that’s exactly how it starts. LOL and here we are. Nice to meet you fellow pepper. 🙂

  8. […] I was worried when I started that perhaps it would take some of the fun out of this blogging thing I do. That blogging would become a chore, but I did it anyway because I’m totally contrary like that. […]

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