The Grayson Trilogy by Georgia Rose

Putting down the third book and wiping away tears I mulled things over, trying to pin point just what it was that pulled me in.

What was it that had me reading the last two books of this trilogy in a marathon afternoon into evening read?

It wasn’t the flowery language or exquisitely turned phrases. In fact the language of this book is very simple. Coffee is made, horses are cared for, the thoughts in Grayson’s head are just like thoughts that might be in mine.

Just, normal – stuff.

And I think that was it, what I thought at first was over simplified writing, that was the key. Because when everything goes decidedly not normal, whether for good (the tall, dark, handsome, possessive man, yeah, it totally goes there) bad ( I won’t ruin anything but let’s just say there are baddies and they’ve got guns) or sometimes crazy (again, no spoilers here, but when I tried to tell my husband what was going on and why I couldn’t talk to him even though he’d been at work for the last 12 hours, he raised his eyebrows and told me I read “weird stuff”), it was still believable.

I’d already been riding along in Grayson’s life, for all the everyday mundane things. So when the not so everyday, bordering on crazy, happened, her reactions didn’t surprise me. Of course she did that, of course it was believable (even if when you tell your husband in the kitchen after midnight it’s so not) and of course I was so emotionally involved.

Buckets of tears involved.

Would I recommend it? I’d call this trilogy a tear soaked, romantic adventure. If that kind of thing is your style go pick them up – all of them. They only get better as they go!Rosie's Book Review team 1


11 comments on “The Grayson Trilogy by Georgia Rose

  1. Sharon says:

    Thanks, Jessie. It sounds like a book I would like.

  2. junekearns says:

    Wow, that’s quite a recommend. I have the first one on my kindle – will start it straight away. Thank you, Jessie!

  3. Georgia Rose says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful review Jessie, and for reading all three of them! I love the fact that you had a marathon read of them (I love it when books make me do that) and I’m so sorry for all the tears 😉

    • Jessie says:

      I’m glad you liked the review, the books were great! I was seriously perched on a stool in the kitchen at midnight when my husband got home from work as I was finishing up the last one! If any character can make me cry that much than the tears are worth while! And boy… I might have been a bit dehydrated by the end! 😉

  4. Terry Tyler says:

    That’s a review and a half, G – well done!

    Love your reviews, Jessie, they’re so… not like anyone else’s. And I mean that in a good way!!

    • Georgia Rose says:

      Thanks T and I know what you mean – Jessie’s enthusiasm as a reader shines through in her reviews and she says exactly how she feels 🙂

      • Jessie says:

        Terry I almost choked on my pear when I read that – and I mean that in the best way too!

        Thank you both for all your compliments and continued reading- you guys make me blush! 🙂

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