Mundane Monday: Firewood

The past few weeks I’ve noticed that greydaysandcoffee has been participating in Mundane Monday. And I thought to myself, “Self, you should do that too!”

And then I forgot.


But today- today I remembered! Camera in hand I went to turn something “mundane” into a beautiful photograph.

Turns out, I’m bad at mundane.

I keep wanting to give things a second chance.  I don’t want them to be, mundane

“Hmm how about this chair?” I asked myself. “This chair isn’t mundane! I got it out of my family’s garage and painted it brown and then I painted it red and I have to keep gluing it back together when it falls apart! This chair has history!”

The door knob? Anything but mundane. Look at it! It’s full of swirls and lines and hey! That could be an “ornate” photo challenge! But not mundane.

The wood stove? Couldn’t possibly. Not only did we move it from the old house, how many people have a wood stove? Besides it’s full of fire! Fire is not mundane.

The silverware? The table? The floor? My boot? Too many stories, too much history, possibly too much caffeine.

Yes, today I discovered that “mundane” is not my word.

I did make firewood all day though and firewood is pretty mundane. I mean, if you don’t think about what kind of tree it is and why it was cut it down. Also you need to try to forget how you hauled it to the wood pile and ignore the the different noises the splitting maul makes as you split it, and then of course when you stack it there is a bit of an art to get those stacks to stay up and hold tight and the shape of the pieces matters…


I love my firewood.

In the end, I took a picture of a piece of firewood. It’s just firewood. It’ll be burned in our wood-stove to heat the house. The tree it came from had a nest of ants in the middle of it and they smoothed the wood to a velvety appearance as they made their tunnels and did their ant things. Which possibly makes it one of the most un-mundane pieces of firewood I could find to photograph.firewood carved by ants

But like I said, I’m bad at mundane.


23 comments on “Mundane Monday: Firewood

  1. jenanita01 says:

    nothing can ever be mundane, only the person who thinks there are such things (possibly)

  2. Sharon says:

    I don’t know how much heat that crunch of wood will produce but it sure is a neat picture. Awesome thoughts came with it.

  3. Helen says:

    Not mundane, but I vote for your lovely photo and interesting life!

  4. Firewood: our way of spitting in the eye of the fossil fuel corporations. Not mundane, and I do enjoy it, but dang it’s a lot of work.

  5. You are horrible at mundane. It’s my first time here – and I’m glad of it.

  6. graydaysandcoffee says:

    I LOVE this photo! It’s beautiful!

  7. graydaysandcoffee says:

    Ok so I finished scrolling through the feed and then I came back to your post. I love that you see a story in all of your things. You’re NAILING the idea of this challenge. In our mundane lives, seeing the beauty in firewood, and remembering the stories behind our doorknobs and boots and books and bags makes a mundane life less mundane. I think you get this more than all of us!

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  9. trablogger says:

    I can quite understand your confusion 🙂 So you got that right. There is nothing mundane at all. Everything has a story or beauty lying somewhere. Glad you joined the challenge 🙂
    Lovely monochrome and textures

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  11. I really like that: the texture of the wood smoothed out by ant architecture is such a contrast with the texture of the leaves.

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