Mundane Monday – Party Lights

There they wait in the living room, just waiting to get plugged in for an impromptu party or even a dreary Monday night.

party lights

Linking up with PhoTrablogger and her Mundane Monday post again because I love trying to take interesting pictures of everyday objects.  I ended up turning this picture on it’s side when I edited it, could you tell?

Mundane Monday: Burrs

I dig them out in the spring, mow them down in the summer and burn them as they start to dry in the fall.

It’s a battle and I’m not on the winning side.

They stick to our clothes and our kids and our dogs.

They follow us into the house breaking into tiny pokey pieces until everything we own seems to be infested with their little hooks.

I do not like the burrs.

Though, some mornings, with a touch of sunlight and a bit of spiderwebs, they are quite striking…Burrs

…but this is war, they go on the burn pile tomorrow!

I’m linking up with PhoTrabloggers Mundane Monday Challenge pop over and see what other mundane things people have taken beautiful pictures of this week!

Mundane Monday: Blue

Over the years it has softly faded to the prettiest shade of blue.

Can you tell what it is?

blue shirt

It’s a shame my favorite t-shirt is so worn and see through that when I held it up to the window to catch the light, the camera kept trying to focus through the shirt to the yard beyond.

Despite its appearance I’m sure this is a high quality shirt you are looking at. I found it in an old pile of my parents’ T-shirts from before I was born. Already broken in and cozy, I think it’s worn surprisingly well. It might not block UV rays or, you know, vision but it doesn’t have a hole and it’s the softest t-shirt ever.

I keep wearing it, away from gatherings of mixed company, and crossing my fingers that it makes it through another wash cycle when I’m done.

Once again linking up with PhoTrablogger’s Mundane Monday. Be sure to pop over and check out more mundanely amazing pictures! 

Mundane Monday: Rug

My mom tells people that her house is decorated in “Early Cottage” style.  This is not so secret code for “Yes, our furniture is mostly made up of unwanted pieces from the summer cottages, half of which may border on antique, but that’s merely by happenstance.”  The cottages are old.

There was a time in my life when this embarrassed me to no end.

Of course that was during those years where the fact that I had parents that interacted with other people embarrassed me to no end.

Those times are gone.

I now happily go out in public with either of my parents and have a house complete with a few “Early Cottage” touches of it’s own


I love my “Early Cottage” rug and thought it would be a perfect addition to this weeks Mundane Monday even if the clouds did roll in before I caught the beam of sunlight that often falls across it.

Mundane Monday – Super Socks

These socks have super powers.socks

I know, they look like your run of the mill, slightly dirty SmartWool socks.

They are.

The little hearts have nothing to do with their super powers, either. Though, they have kept them in my possession and off someone else’s stinky feet more than once. Which is pretty great but hardly worthy of super power status.

No, you can’t tell it by looking at them, but these socks exacerbate the effects of gravity on the wearer.

Super socks.

I have a fading bruise to prove that they should not be worn while attempting to move quickly.

I have lingering toe pain from proving that they are unsafe to wear while standing still.

And I have a suggestion from my husband that I no longer wear socks unless I’m sitting down and putting my boots on.

He thinks it’s because I don’t have the coordination to be a sock wearing, functioning human being, but I’m telling you.

It’s the super socks.

Linking up with PhoTrablogger’s Mundane Monday challenge again. Because if dirty socks (even ones with super powers) aren’t mundane I don’t know what is! 


Mundane Monday: Fire

A few years ago evidence was found that humans have been using fire for a million years.

A million years.

A million years of warmth.

A million years of cooking.

A million years of fires…fire

… and those moving flames are still captivating.

You would think a million years of experience ought to turn something mundane. Or, more realistically, a winter’s worth of fires in the wood stove, but I still get stuck watching the flames. Thanks PhoTrablogger for hosting another Mundane Monday Challenge! 


Mundane Monday: Corn Stubble

Walk out our door and in three out of four directions you’ll find a field of corn stubble before you find a road. Take the fourth and you’ll need to walk down the driveway and cross the road before you hit the stubble.

This is a good thing, for I am a field watcher.

This isn’t my favorite time of year to watch the fields. It’s not like spring when you can watch to see the mist of green appear when the seedlings first come up. Nor is it like early summer when it feels like you can see the plants grow right before your eyes. The remains of the stalks have none of the sea rippling beauty of the tall plants in a late summer wind. Even late fall when a strong wind can send a twisting flurry of corn leaves through the air is more exciting than the fields at rest for winter.

But I still watch them.

The turkeys have flocked up for the winter. A group of twenty or more is hard to miss in a field of stubble, if you are looking. The deer stand out in silhouette on the field edges. And I am always looking, hoping to see them before they bound into the road.

Some afternoons (crazy, warm, rainy, December afternoons) when a little sun peeks through the dark, grey and blue storm clouds and sets the stalks to glowing, I watch them just because they are beautiful.

corn field A field of corn stubble may be my most mundane-ish thing so far. Head over to PhoTrablogger and see who else is finding beauty in the mundane this week!

Mundane Monday: Raspberry Canes

After months of deliberating, John’s new sunglasses arrived. Not just any sunglasses. EnChroma sunglasses. Sunglasses that bring color to the color blind.

John is not profoundly color blind, but he has a hard time finding a red ball in a field of green, if he can even tell you it’s red after he’s found it. And while I don’t want to harp on the amount of times he’s argued with me over what color a grey/green/dark blue/black item of clothing is, let’s just say it’s come up over the years. This spring a friend sent a video John’s way, thinking he might be interested…

…and last week they arrived in the mail.

It was exciting but I was a little bit nervous. What if they didn’t work? They don’t work for everyone and after all the deliberation and long wait it would be a huge disappointment. He opened the box and read the directions “Strong daylight is ideal. Go outside!”

I looked outside with my natural color vision. It’s December, it’s Wisconsin, it was overcast. It was not what I would call a colorful day. But you work with what you have.

We stepped out the front door, John put them on and looked around.

The grass was greener (for November in Wisconsin), the leftover pumpkins from Halloween were brighter (for old mushy pumpkins), John was interested in the color my hat had turned but seemed less than overwhelmed.

Fifteen minutes the directions recommended, so we set out on a little walk around the property.

At the scrubby edge of the orchard he stopped when he saw the wild black raspberry canes.wild black raspberry canes

He stopped because, as John now knows, the tangle of brush he never gave a second glance to is laced with arcs of purple and red.

We admired the beauty of raspberry canes for a long time.

When we moved on, John was seeing new color everywhere, the green moss on the trees, the red combs on the chickens… he started bouncing on his toes and finally exclaimed:

“It’s like eating ham sandwiches your whole life and then having a panini!”

Then both of us finished the walk looking at the color around us with new eyes.

Of course seeing the world in color is anything but mundane but that’s not going to stop me from linking up with Mundane Monday again! 

Mundane Monday: Worn Quilt

The quilt has lost it’s sharp lines and crisp colors but old quilts have their own soft beauty.quilt

The faded colors a testament to the love the quilt has weathered.

The hole in the corner a memory of a long gone puppy.

The frayed fabric a sign that the quilt is good for beds, picnics and blanket forts.

While the edges, still bright, bring a memory of when it was crisp lined and fresh, a graduation gift made by my mother-in-law before she was my mother-in-law.

While I still have a hard time applying the label “mundane” to my things I am enjoying the Mundane Monday photo challenge. Click through the link to see more amazingly un-mundane photos!