Ivory and Gold by Jerry Johnson

This is one of those books where the good ole boy Nebraska deer hunters get transported back in time and space to early 1900’s Africa.


Yeah… I’ve never read anything like it either and it does sounds a little crazy.

Okay, it might actually be a little crazy, but give it a chance!

Jerry writes with the eyes of a man who appreciates the detail of the natural world.  He can bring both the Nebraska sandhills and the African plain to life like only one who’s loved and lived in the outdoors his whole life can. And, it seems, that he has heard enough hunters talking smart and telling yarns that his characters can banter and trash talk with the best of them, as they make their way through all the terrible and wonderful things the Athi Plain (not to mention that smugglers’ caravan they ran into) can throw at them.  Even if they are just a couple of modern day rednecks.

Would I recommend it? Ivory and Gold was one of those books that I couldn’t help but smile as I read it. I smile when I tell someone about it and re-reading bits as I write this has me grinning all over again. I smiled for the characters and for the African time in history, and I bet, if you don’t mind a little space-time travel and love a good hunting yarn, you will too!

2 comments on “Ivory and Gold by Jerry Johnson

  1. Thanks, Jessie. Happy that you enjoyed the adventure. And hope you never have to deal with a “Kincaid” character. 🙂

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