Life in the Floating City by AR Neal

Do you ever take on a project and then wonder what you were thinking?

Me? Read and review a book inspired by a music album?

Me? Read a book where each chapter corresponds to a song of the album?

I am really not a music person.

But… I am totally alright with futuristic worlds and interstellar travel and (this may come as a shock) I really like books.

So, I offered to read it and…

…holy man the people in this book!

They are conniving and loving and crazy! They have secrets and plans and sometimes they get lucky and sometimes they don’t.


But, people are always going to be – people. Just like the first chapter says, “No matter where the sun, there’s nothing new under it.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re a music lover or an interstellar space lover because, above and beyond all that, this is a book about people and the rest is just a minor back drop to the drama of their lives. But let me warn you, there is a lot of drama in these lives. I was taken aback by the twists more than once!

Would I recommend it? I would particularly recommend it to someone who loves music. You see I tried to listen to the album… but, and this pains me to admit, I got bored and I couldn’t focus and didn’t really listen to any of it. And so, while I found the information at the end of the book about the album and the inspiration it gave the author really interesting, I’m curious how someone who actually has the ability to pay attention to a whole song would feel about the book. Though I would caution that the novel flows more like a collection of short stories that tell a larger picture. Just remember I’m living proof that you don’t need to listen to the music to enjoy this crazy drama.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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