Just One More

It’s over.

The sun is setting. The game bag is full.

But there -just there – he hears roosters cackling.

And so he sits, paw sore, weary, nose to the wind, ears cocked, ready.

Because perhaps, perhaps, we can go after just one more.Trip

It’s over.

I’ve shot my daily limit. The sky is darkening.

I watch him, nose to the wind and my tired feet twitch with anticipation.  I too want to follow the siren song of just one more.

It’s over.

But still we sit together, noses to the wind.

Wishing for just one more.



7 comments on “Just One More

  1. dianeschuller.com says:

    aw, what a good boy. And dogs doing what their instincts meant for them to do is heartwarming.

    • Jessie says:

      It is, isn’t it? I don’t quite know how to describe that to people who don’t know dogs but it’s the best thing to watch and be a part of.

  2. Great portrait, well suited for black and white I think.

  3. Mom says:

    That is a blog to write a book around!
    Only bird hunters who follow their dogs and watch the effort, the intensity, and the joy will fully understand. Like you..and me.

  4. […] now you should probably go read Just One More. While it’s true at the end of just about any hunt, it was written about those last bits of […]

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