Frog Soup

Many of you wondered why my cousin and I caught so many frogs this past summer. Well, I finally have an answer for you.

If you’ll remember, my cousin is mighty good at catching frogs. In fact my cousin is so good at frog catching that we discussed starting a frog hunting show, The Frog Whisperer, for him to star in.Chris with frog on hatAudiences would be astounded by feats of frogginess like catching frogs without catching a mouthful of mud, catching more frogs than one would think is humanly possible and catching frogs out of midair.

This frog was safely captured before it hit the ground.

This frog was safely captured before it hit the ground.

But, despite these amazing skills, I think his real talent lies in the kitchen. Not only can this cousin of mine wallow in the muck and catch slimy amphibians, but he can then turn around, clean up, and whip out his gourmet chef skills.

It took him a bit to get around to cooking our catch from this summer but he finally was able to whip up this amazing frog soup! frog soup


What do you think, “Dinner With The Frog Whisperer,” would you watch it?

6 comments on “Frog Soup

  1. Diane Wiese says:

    Oh N0! They still look like frogs. I thought the frogs would have at least been chopped up in the soup.

  2. Sharon jacobson says:

    No. I think you just made that all up!! It looks disgustingly just like frogs!!

  3. Firewaves21 says:

    Is this a joke? Is that really frog soup? I can’t imagine eating such a thing. I don’t think I could watch or eat. euww

  4. This is me, laughing, then slowly fading laughing, she is kidding right??? 🙂

  5. Pat says:

    This is so silly, the spoon goes on the right!

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