Frog Soup

Many of you wondered why my cousin and I caught so many frogs this past summer. Well, I finally have an answer for you.

If you’ll remember, my cousin is mighty good at catching frogs. In fact my cousin is so good at frog catching that we discussed starting a frog hunting show, The Frog Whisperer, for him to star in.Chris with frog on hatAudiences would be astounded by feats of frogginess like catching frogs without catching a mouthful of mud, catching more frogs than one would think is humanly possible and catching frogs out of midair.

This frog was safely captured before it hit the ground.

This frog was safely captured before it hit the ground.

But, despite these amazing skills, I think his real talent lies in the kitchen. Not only can this cousin of mine wallow in the muck and catch slimy amphibians, but he can then turn around, clean up, and whip out his gourmet chef skills.

It took him a bit to get around to cooking our catch from this summer but he finally was able to whip up this amazing frog soup! frog soup


What do you think, “Dinner With The Frog Whisperer,” would you watch it?

Frog Catching

You know what they say…

Ivy's best frog face

Ivy’s best frog face

Cousins that catch frogs together stay friends forever.

Jane and Natalie catching frogsWhat?

You never heard that?Clara and Gwen catching frogs

Trust me, it’s a thing.

Grab a cousin, or a second cousin, and find some frogs.

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Frog catching with the cousins. #frogs #greenfrogs

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What have you got to lose?

Chris and I caught the frogs

That’s duck weed on my cousins forehead and it wasn’t just him, you can’t see my arms and legs but they were smeared with mud too!

You didn’t think the kids caught that whole bucket of frogs did you???

Chris with frog on hat

My cousin the frog whisper-er.

My cousin and I don’t get to see each other much anymore but we had just as much fun catching frogs together as we ever have, even if we do have to share the nets with all our girls!

Night Time Guest

We have many night time visitors that pass by.

Some, like the furry, masked ones that have a penchant for chewing on chickens, I’d rather keep on going.

But, I love seeing the grey tree frogs come out on a warm summer night.

This little guy was on the screen outside the greenhouse looking for bugs drawn by the house lights.Grey Tree Frog


I’m again linking up with Northwest Frame of Mind  and her 1 Day 1 World project. Click over to see what else was happening around the world in the eleven o’clock hour.

Good Fortune

I love frogs and I hear (through the wonders of a Google search) that I’m not the only one.

In general they are considered to be good luck to have both inside and outside your home.

But, more interestingly, I also hear that the Egyptian goddess of childbirth had a frogs head, and that frogs scare away werewolves.


This week I found one treefrog in an empty garbage can, one sitting on a flower in the garden…DSCN4487-(sm)

…one swimming in a rain barrel, one on the sidewalk…DSCN4505-(sm)

…and three catching bugs on the door.

Grey Treefrog

So, if you have an impending childbirth, werewolf problems, or are in need of a bit of good fortune come on over,  we’ve got enough frogs to share!