Character Building

Deer hunting is a great time of year to have children experience the joy that comes with survival.

Taking a two-hour hike through the woods, falling in a freezing swamp, possibly getting lost but getting back on track.  Finally arriving at the house with boots full of swamp water, soaked and shivering to jump straight into the sauna. And then, once thawed, telling stories of deer jumping up out of the bushes closer than they’d ever seen, helping the hunters find a down deer, and the pride that came with knowing they helped the hunt.

Sure, it was cold, and hard and painful but they did it and that comes with it’s own special joyIvy and Clara

Don’t believe me?

Ask them about helping on the deer drive. They’ll start talking a mile a minute about the terrors of the hike – but they’ll be smiling.

Also we processed the six deer from yesterday’s drive today and  I didn’t include a single dead deer or meat picture in this post.

You’re welcome. 

9 comments on “Character Building

  1. Firewaves21 says:

    We use to take our boys to work with us sometimes at the video store. They sighed and acted as though they hated it at the time, but ask them now and they’ll regale you of one of their fondest memories. #reallifelessons

  2. Susie says:

    Did they mention that part of their joy was coming back with whole boots? If not, they should have.

  3. Sharon jacobson says:

    Great experience for them. They won’t forget it.

  4. jessmooreweb says:

    My dad started me out on hunting the same way. Instead of a gun, id carry a stick. And during rabbit season, I was considered the rabbit dog. As it was my job to go into the brush piles and spook the rabbits into running. I can still remember the joy I felt having successfully jumped a rabbit too an older sibling or relative.

    • Jessie says:

      As a kid knowing that you really helped an adult is one of the more empowering feelings you can have. And also purposefully spooking rabbits seems like it would involve scrambling over brush and noise and jumping- who wouldn’t love that- looks like it made you a hunter for life too! 🙂 (Nice work Dad!)

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