I Did The Thing!

I like challenges. They can be nice, concrete, sensible things or fairly arbitrary things like say, joining in with National Blog Posting Month and publishing a blog post everyday in November.  nanopoblano1

I suppose that’s the kind of thing which might seem silly. Why? Why would I decide I have to do such a thing. Well part of it, not gonna lie, is pure competitive nature. If you think you can do it, then heck yeah I can do it too! Another part of it is what happens afterwards. It’s over – I did it. I was a Tiny Pepper (team NanoPoblano) and I did the thing. On November 30th when I posted my last post I  bounced around the house in excitement. It feels good to accomplish goals you set, even if they are random things that make friends and family look at you a little sideways when you explain that you’d really love to x,y and z but first- you must go blog.

When it comes to blogging, it’s always been fairly easy for me to find something I want to post everyday. What I find less easy is “finding” the time to sit down and do it. Ever since John switched to a normal day shift and I lost my late night hours when I had the house to myself, I have been struggling. Wondering when I could find time to write and edit pictures without taking time away from some other part of my life that needed me. Thirty days later it turns out that time is hiding in all sorts of places and I am freshly reminded of how much I love blogging.iamatinypepper3

I am a Tiny Pepper. I did the thing and I’m going to keep doing it. Not everyday, (because -wow- 30 days in a row, you all need a break from that!) but more often. I do have time to do this thing I love and that’s worth taking on a 30-day challenge to find out.

10 comments on “I Did The Thing!

  1. That’s awesome, glad this challenge went so well for you.

    • Jessie says:

      🙂 It really had been a struggle to sit down and blog… and then it wasn’t. It’s amazing how making something more of a priority changes things. 🙂

  2. Jesska says:

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    Congrats on completing the challenge!! I used to try and post everyday and wooah it was exhausting.😂 I’m pretty happy just to post regularly now *nods* But that’s SO AMAZING you got through the whole month and made time for blogging things you love 😀

  4. Corky says:

    I’m glad, because I love your blog!!

  5. OH YAY!!! Congratulations! I’m so glad you have been able to find that time to carve out for yourself! It’s so important 🙂

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