NaBloPoMo Picture Prompt

November is National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo.

I’m not writing a novel this month but three cheers for those who are. I love books! Please keep writing them all you fantastic novel writers!

November is also National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo.

As you may have noticed, I’m all in on that one, posting a blog a day all month.

Some days it’s easy and I’ve got words oozing out my finger tips and pictures to share jumping off the camera but I know eventually I’ll come to a day when I’m not sure what to say. There’s a lot of chat online about the solution to this problem. The group of happy, tiny, cheer peppers that I belong to shares writing prompts and tips of all kinds. But, personally, my pre-blog planning is to just take pictures of everything.

My blog is primarily just about my daily life and so anything I come across during my day that is of the ordinary or pretty or funny or that might jog a memory gets a picture snapped. I have pictures of a box of candy that was hidden and then forgot, me and a goose in the dark, chickens roosting three inches off the ground in a small bush and a close up of snow in my hair, just to name a few.

Looking for inspirational photos makes me look closer at the everyday things in life, like the latch to the gate into our orchard. It’s a nice latch. It’s even my favorite color. 

It’s also full of mouse turds.

Other than wondering what a mouse was doing hanging out on a cold metal gate latch overnight and why I thought that was picture worthy (Well it is odd, and I guess I am writing about it..) I really have nothing to say about this.

But do you?

Can you use my gate latch turned mouse bathroom for a writing prompt?

(Go ahead and copy the photo if you do just don’t forget to link back so I get to read your brilliance!)


Read the poem inspired by the picture at Loristory!

I Did The Thing!

I like challenges. They can be nice, concrete, sensible things or fairly arbitrary things like say, joining in with National Blog Posting Month and publishing a blog post everyday in November.  nanopoblano1

I suppose that’s the kind of thing which might seem silly. Why? Why would I decide I have to do such a thing. Well part of it, not gonna lie, is pure competitive nature. If you think you can do it, then heck yeah I can do it too! Another part of it is what happens afterwards. It’s over – I did it. I was a Tiny Pepper (team NanoPoblano) and I did the thing. On November 30th when I posted my last post I  bounced around the house in excitement. It feels good to accomplish goals you set, even if they are random things that make friends and family look at you a little sideways when you explain that you’d really love to x,y and z but first- you must go blog.

When it comes to blogging, it’s always been fairly easy for me to find something I want to post everyday. What I find less easy is “finding” the time to sit down and do it. Ever since John switched to a normal day shift and I lost my late night hours when I had the house to myself, I have been struggling. Wondering when I could find time to write and edit pictures without taking time away from some other part of my life that needed me. Thirty days later it turns out that time is hiding in all sorts of places and I am freshly reminded of how much I love blogging.iamatinypepper3

I am a Tiny Pepper. I did the thing and I’m going to keep doing it. Not everyday, (because -wow- 30 days in a row, you all need a break from that!) but more often. I do have time to do this thing I love and that’s worth taking on a 30-day challenge to find out.

Finding Time

People still ask how I have time for social media things and blogging in particular. The answer varies, sometimes I purposely carve out time for writing and photos and editing and sometimes, like today, it just happens.

Two years ago after ripping out old, high visibility, electric horse fencing that surrounded our orchard, I left it all in a pile under an apple tree in hopes that some benevolent elves would come and clean it up for me.

They didn’t.

Today I gave up on the kind elves (perhaps they are on strike?) and Jane and I finished coiling up all the strands.

By that I mean that Jane occasionally pulled on an end, often ran off to get more Halloween candy so we could keep up our strength and spent a fair amount of time inside the tangled mass of wire looking like a fly in a spider web while I wrestled a giant tangle of wire into orderly coils.

She was off on yet another candy run when I came to the end of one particularly long strand. Coiled on the ground it was fat enough that I couldn’t get my hands around it. It was unruly enough I couldn’t take my feet off it. And there was my duct tape to hold it in place… waaay out of my reach.

In other words I was stuck.

In other, other words that’s how I find time to social media.

Because when left impatiently waiting for Jane and her mini candy bars to come back so that she could hand me the duct tape, taking pictures of my predicament and putting them on Instagram seemed as good of a use of my time as anything.

That, as you see now, lead to mentally writing a blog post about the whole scenario and voila – social media time found.


That’s how I social media and, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m attempting to blog every day this month. I’m officially part of the unofficial NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) group NanoPoblano. There are lots of Tiny Peppers out there who would love your readership and support. Pop on over and check out this year’s blog roll and support a Pepper! 

Blogging the Moments

Christmas Day we took a walk down to the unfrozen lake to catch a beautiful, peaceful and serene sunset.Sunset at the lakeAt least, it looks that way after my efforts in Photoshop.

In actuality that moment, like the rest of our Christmas break, was full of kids (our three plus my two year old nephew), numerous dogs and not quite enough tired adults to field all the whining, barking, “Look at me!”‘s ,rolling in dead fish, crying and bouncing off the walls that was going on.

There has been a huge amount of material written about how we skew our internet presence to make our lives look better than they are. And to that I say, of course! I’m not taking a selfie in the clothes I’m wearing. Nobody wants to see the jeans I’ve been wearing for three days, combined with the top I worked out in, while I sport my “hairstyle” created through the subtle use of pony tails, sweat, and winter hats. Including me.

Including me.

I blog because I’m trying hard not to become one of the ferrets that eats it’s own young.

I blog because, if I look at this picture and squint just right, I can see all the fun, giggles, snuggling cousins and laughter that was mixed in the chaos.

I blog because sometimes, in the midst of the snot and the tears and the stinky dogs and the whining, it’s hard to remember that those happy moments are existing right along side. But if I share a moment like the one above, I’m sure to remember that life with kids is more than just accidents on the floor, snot on my shirt and sleepless nights.

I don’t need any help remembering what sort of mess I look like today, all that takes is a mirror.