Computers are great…

… except when they aren’t.

Mine aren’t.

Blogging is difficult without a computer. Some people can blog from their phones but our , (yup our, John and I still share) iPhone 4 (yeah, that’s right, no “S”, Siri and I aren’t even friends) and I are not up to the challenge.

Of course, contrary as I am, this means I have a million things I want to blog about. Sadly they’ll all have to wait until we solve our computer woes.

Until then, know I haven’t abandoned you all, I’m still here, I’ll just be swearing at my computer until further notice.

Good thing that phone and I can still manage Instagram, maybe I’ll see you there!

(Also if you think helping people pick out computers is super fun send me a message- we need help!)

11 comments on “Computers are great…

  1. I do believe my daughter, Anna, thinks its fun to pick out computers. Just sayin’

  2. Joan Behm says:

    Or just visit your local library and spend some quality blogging time using their FREE computers.

  3. gethel says:

    It appears to me that your computer woes may not be a hard fix? If all your computers are displaying the same messages and are not antiquated beyond being usable with current software? It may be a network issue (if all using wifi), updates not installed or they are infected with malware. All of those issues are not hard to remedy. Meantime, the library is a good suggestion. Best Wishes!

  4. gethel says:

    My personal preference, at least brand wise and not in any particular order, are Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell. I have had positive experiences with all these brands over the years. Currently, my desktop and all laptops are Acers. My work computer is a Dell. No problems thus far, had all of them for several years. My home desktop is even older, but still functional. I repair computers freelance and have worked on many different brands. Hope this helps a little?

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