My Oldest Frenemy

I saw my oldest frenemy over the weekend.

I was really happy to see him but my toes were sort of scared.

Yes, that is a turkey vulture.

Yes, I used to work with him.

Yes, he is a ham.

Yes, he bit my toes.

No, I didn’t wear real shoes then either.

Yes, he got car sick.

No, that’s actually worse than it sounds.

Yes, I love him anyway.


6 comments on “My Oldest Frenemy

  1. Widdershins says:

    “Hello, Breakfast!” 🙂

  2. We like our turkey vultures, but not as ‘close friends.’ As in toe-biting close.

  3. Sharon Jacobson says:

    I know turkey vultures serve an important role but……. as far as looks go they are at the bottom of the ladder

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