My Oldest Frenemy

I saw my oldest frenemy over the weekend.

I was really happy to see him but my toes were sort of scared.

Yes, that is a turkey vulture.

Yes, I used to work with him.

Yes, he is a ham.

Yes, he bit my toes.

No, I didn’t wear real shoes then either.

Yes, he got car sick.

No, that’s actually worse than it sounds.

Yes, I love him anyway.


New Mantra

I’ve heard people wax poetic about the joys returning from vacation to their home and family.

I think they are all  liars.

Personally I seem to be half stuck in vacation mode, confused and overwhelmed by home life.  It’s all a bit – “Wait, I have to make you all lunch?” mixed with a touch of, “Where did all you weeds come from?” finished with a dab of “How could all you animals possibly have pooped this much while I was gone?”

So before I become re-mired in broken water heaters (Welcome home!),  potty training, crying, lawn mowing, cooking (Three meals a day, what is with that?) and laundry I thought I’d share a few more photos of our fantastic trip to Colorado as I repeat my new mantra…



… it was worth it. It was worth it. It was worth it…


If You Squish It They Will Come.

I love living in the country and some days little, unexpected, things happen that make me thank my lucky stars individually and by name that I live in a place without sidewalks.

For instance, I’m pretty sure that if I lived in the city there would not have been a roadkill rabbit at the end of my driveway for a few days.

And if there wasn’t a roadkill rabbit at the end of my driveway for a few days there wouldn’t have been two turkey vultures eying it up from the tree across the road.

And if there weren’t two turkey vultures sitting in a tree across the road Ivy, Clara and I wouldn’t have been able to look out the bedroom window eyeball to eyeball with the turkey vultures.

And if I didn’t think that was so neat I wouldn’t have grabbed my camera and snuck around the back of the house to try and catch a picture.

And if I hadn’t left out the backdoor so quietly Clara wouldn’t have come screaming out the front door looking for me.

And if Clara hadn’t come screaming out the front door the turkey vultures wouldn’t have flown away.

And if the turkey vultures hadn’t flown away they might have eaten our dead rabbit.

And if they had eaten our dead rabbit it wouldn’t still be sitting out front smelling bad.

And if the rabbit wasn’t smelling bad the turkey vultures wouldn’t come back.

And if it didn’t come back the three of us would be disappointed not to get to watch them at such close range again.

So I leave our dead rabbit out front, and thank my lucky stars once again that I live in a place without sidewalks.

And if you don’t think that dead rabbits bring fun and interesting times that’s OK, we can agree to disagree.

I’ll keep my dead rabbits, you keep your sidewalks!