Ivy’s First Deer

I’ve been completely negligent.

My eldest daughter did something she’s never ever done before and I didn’t even mention it… for weeks.

Ivy shot her first deer! 

My brother Tyler was her mentor and the two of them had a great time together getting ready for the season. Tyler says it’s the most excited he has been for deer hunting in years. And then Ivy shot her first deer, using a crossbow, with her uncle by her side coaching her through it.

It’s a bit of a surreal mothering experience. As much as I’ve been around and about deer hunting and as much as I’ve shot guns and gone bird hunting and butchered deer, I’ve never been an actual deer hunter. But I can tell you it’s a proud moment to watch a kid go off and do something you’ve never done. Especially when they come back full of grins, a cooler of food for the freezer (Thanks again for that Tyler!) and announcing that they want a “real” bow for next year.

9 comments on “Ivy’s First Deer

  1. Julie Bender says:

    How exciting. Tell Ivy Congrats.

  2. I love also that she is being mentored and that this deer will help feed her family.

  3. Congratulations, Ivy. Nice deer. And taken with a crossbow — that gives you some bragging rights.
    Now, your uncle must start instruction in the basics of wing shooting so you can bird hunt with your mom.

  4. Sharon Jacobson says:

    Way to go Ivy!! Helping feed the family.

  5. Susie says:

    Nice work Ivy! I’ve got my fingers crossed for your real bow!

  6. My 11 yr old came out and hunted w/ me this year. She didnt get one, but I think she rounded the corner in relating to why I love sitting in a stand in northern Wisconsin; beauty.
    Hunters have the gift of taking in one scene, from dawn to dusk. Time stands still. You hear the sound of the land, and everything in it. You have to practice silence, physical stillness, yet remaining awareness. We saw abt 9 animals other than deer that she probably didnt even know existed on grandpa’s land.
    Plus we just enjoyed watching together?!
    At the end she asked if we can bring more snacks and candy; she is a kid

  7. Awesome! Great memories!!

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