One Day You Are Riding High…

Ever have those moments that are just so – so adult, that it’s depressing?

Not long after we were married John and I bought a tractor. It was a nice little tractor and it did all sorts of things for us until one day when I was driving it and it said “CA- CHUNK” loudly and forcefully.

A time of tractor parts and grand plans followed the “ca-chunk” but, unfortunately, the end result was me in the driveway watching the pieces of my tractor getting smaller as they rode away on a flatbed truck.

Sadder than any woman really should be about a broken pile of metal I looked down at the small collection of crisp hundred dollar bills in my hand for consolation. I was momentarily cheered, until I remembered the broken dishwasher.

One day you are riding high on a tractor.

The next you are researching water efficient dishwashers.

Adulting is the worst.


It’s November! Time for a month of blog posting and team tiny peppers!

It’s also the month where daily posting means John does much less of my proofreading and you find out just how poor my spelling and grammar really are… …forgive me.  

16 comments on “One Day You Are Riding High…

  1. rarasaur says:

    Adulting is so hard! But congrats on doing it successfully anyway. 🙂

  2. I know who to come to now for advice on adulting in respect to tractors and dishwashers!

  3. Oh! I have been having more of those adult moments lately!

    • Jessie says:

      I mean… it’s good to be an adult in many ways but…. sometimes well like David Ellis says it’s a good thing there is booze and online shopping and things to take the edge off! 😀

  4. Oh! but no more dishes right? Adulting is no fun, I gave it up about 30 years ago…No missing it, letting others be “the adults”…

    • Jessie says:

      I try to keep my adult moments to a minimum I think that’s why things like new dishwasher purchases hit me hard. Not having to hand wash dishes for five again will be wonderful though. Although I have watched a lot of Dr. Who while doing dishes lately- that’s not so bad! 🙂

  5. Widdershins says:

    Sometimes it’s even harsh. 😦

  6. I can’t think of anything sadder than having to swap a big ole tractor for a dishwasher! I guess with the time you save not having to get all the dishes squeaky clean you can then spend more time riding around on Tractor Two Point Oh. You’ll be riding high again soon enough. And at least being an adult gets you access to liquor, online shopping and other treats that take the edge off of being an adult 🙂

  7. Susie says:

    At least the garage/shop was clean when you took the photo! That was some serious adulting to get it that way!

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