My Water

I had a glass of water until a cat took it.

Unlike a dog there were no liquid eyes begging for a drink.

The cat just claimed my water glass and dared me to oppose her.

Brazenly, sitting on the table, repeatedly dunking her paw and licking it off. 

As if there weren’t multiple bowls of water for the cats and dogs scattered around the house.

I had a glass of water. 

And then a cat took it.

13 comments on “My Water

  1. jenanita01 says:

    I notice you didn’t bother arguing with him/her… not much point really, especially when they stay for all those photos!

  2. Sharon Jacobson says:

    I wonder why cats do that. I have multiple places they can drink at all times but as soon as I sit down with a book and glass of water one of them wants to put it’s nose in for a drink. I don’t give it up!! It’s mine and they will walk of in a snit!!

  3. Widdershins says:

    What a good staff-person you are! 😀

  4. Welcome to Cat life, you never get used to it. They know they’re cute enough to get away with it so they do it.


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