First Day of Virtual School

As I write this I can confirm that we have officially survived the first day of virtual school. I am happy to report that things went smoothly and even our sometimes temperamental internet behaved. All in all, I would say it was better than we feared.

Of course before the day started, we had to take the traditional first day of school photos even if it wasn’t a traditional school day. While other mothers manage to post smiling faces with cute signs delineating grade on their children’s first day, I feel that our girls’ pictures often tell a broader story. Here is my interpretation of this morning’s quick photo shoot…

Clara: School at home means I don’t really have to pay attention- or wear pants!

Jane: New things are terrible, also I can’t find my pants.

Ivy: Seriously? Just pull up your pants like this, it’s almost time for me to log on.

Clara: I don’t want to do this so I’m not wearing pants, also I’m still in my pjs under this sweatshirt so pppbbbbttt.

Jane: I can’t do new terrible things without my pants.

Ivy: If I smile like this can I go log on now?

Clara: Fooled you I have shorts on!

Jane: I can’t smile because new things are terrible, also I still don’t have my favorite pants.

Ivy: *through gritted teeth * I’ve been smiling forever can I go now?

Clara: Just kidding. I don’t have pants!

Jane: I can’t believe this is really happening without my pants.

Ivy: I’m done.

I may never have a picture of them all smiling at the same time but I’ll not be short of memories looking back at photos like these!

2 comments on “First Day of Virtual School

  1. kirizar says:

    You are doing better than I am…and I have one kid. Though, I do wonder, did you try to sign into class on a day with no school? (Who takes the first week of school’s Friday off, I ask you?) Anyhow, despite actually having teaching experience, I suck as a home-school teacher. Back when I taught, I didn’t have a kid and I had time to prepare lessons and be well rested. Homeschooling is not the same AT ALL. UGH.

    Okay, rant done. I needed to let off a little steam. Hope you didn’t get scorched in the process.

    • Jessie says:

      Pretty sure my kids also made it through the first week better than I did. We didn’t try to go to school but when Clara asked me for help with something I accidentally hung up on her classroom meeting she was in. Ooops! Come stop by and let off steam anytime you need. 🙂

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