I start my day in careful thought,

Measuring out my energy in drips and dots.

A splash for breakfast,

A smidge for chores.

Waking the girls will require more.

I allocate a pinch for lunch,

But the drive to town requires a bunch.

Time at the pool gets a generous shake,

And it’s hard to see how much is left when there is dinner still to make.

I dole out smidges, dabs and bits,

Until the children’s night time hits.

I tuck them in and say goodnight,

Struggling to keep my words coming right.

I collapse on the couch, the well run dry.

But tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll measure better.

Or at least I’ll try.

4 comments on “Measuring

  1. rarasaur says:

    Trying counts! 🙂

  2. Sometimes progress can seem so slow, but each tomorrow will be a little better…

  3. One last spurt of energy allowed you to write this cool poem. You are doing great, especially in this tiring time of pandemic in mid-winter. Spring will bring an energy boost!

  4. Love this! What fun to read your poem!

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