John turned forty this week!

That’s a number that scares some people but not my man.

Nope, he’s quite convinced he’s more awesome now than he was at thirty.

And you know what?

I totally agree.

Happy birthday Honey!



The Ballet Birthday

Jane was treated to her first viewing of The Nutcracker today (With tickets from her great grandparents with a view that had us all feeling spoiled!).


She spent most of the show on the edge of her seat which exhausted her so she couldn’t stay awake on her way out to her birthday dinner. It was touch and go there for awhile but, after a little nap and some dinner, Jane was all smiles by the time we brought the cake out!Jane

Happy Birthday Jane!

What If It Was Your Birthday And…

Kids turn seven all the time.

Every day some kid, somewhere, turns seven.

But it’s not everyday that a girl who wonders things like…

“What if it snowed pockets…. What if it snowed pockets and you could just reach out and grab one and put it on you wherever you wanted a pocket… And then, what if, if you didn’t catch them, when they fell on the ground they turned into candy….”

… turns seven.Clara birthday hedgehog cake

Happy Birthday to a most imaginative girl!


It’s John’s Birthday!

Happy birthday to my favorite excitable man!John Birthday

 I’d like to tell you this was the face he made when he realized how cool it was that we’d been married for a third of his life but no, he was just that excited to have guessed his gift!

Happy Birthday Honey!

Practice What You Preach

Guess what?!?

A piece I wrote is in a magazine!!!

(I’m very excited, please feel free to jump up and down and throw confetti in my honor.)

You see, even though I write all the time and other people (yup, I’m talking about you) even read it, I’ve never had what I’ve written show up in the mailbox in a format I can hold in my hand.

Celebration has been in order!

If you are a Wisconsin resident lucky enough to receive Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine you probably have already had the magazine show up in your own mailbox.

If not, here is the link to the article I wrote about fishing with kids. It’s not quite as exciting as holding it in your hand but it’s a close second:

And then, because I like to practice what I preach…carp fishing - with kids

…or maybe because I just like fishing with the kids…Jane and Jonas bluegill fishing

…or maybe because I just like fishing…Clara, Ivy, Jonas fishing

…and also because it was Grandpa’s birthday…Jonas, Clara, Jane and Gramps fishing

…we went kid fishing.Jonas, Clara and Grandma Mary

The fish were biting…Jonas and Jane fishing

…there was chaos…
Jane, Jonas, Grandma Mary and Tyler catch a carp together

…and my family kept up a constant stream of teasing references to my article to make sure I didn’t get a big head.Uncle Jim, Aunt Marcia, Gramps, Clara, John and Granny


Basically…Jonas and Clara fishing…it was perfect.