On the last hunt of the season, Trip and I waited at the top of a hill for the rest of the group.


You may now make admiring comments on how handsome my dog is and reflect on his fantastic behavior that he was actually waiting with me at the top of a hill.

Don’t worry, there’s time to let all the beauty of it sink it,  plenty of time to expounded on his greatness. We’ve months of waiting before it’s time to walk the fields again.


A Tricky Subject

Yesterday was another beautiful winter day. So while the girls and the dogs played, I took pictures until my bare fingers had all the dexterity of frozen fish sticks. (Which took all of ten minutes.) The camera battery and I persevered in the cold because, not only was it was a gorgeous day, but it has come to my attention that I share very few pictures of Trip.  It’s not that I don’t love my dog. Quite the opposite, I’d love to plaster pictures of him all over this blog and then wait expectantly while you tell me how wonderful and handsome he is.  But, taking pictures of Trip is a bit tricky…

Mostly they look like this:Trip running out of frame

Sometimes they look like this:Trip running in snow

Occasionally I’ll get something like this:Trip running on snowy driveway

But more often they turn out crazy like this:Trip running with devil ears

My dog – he likes to run!  And if Trip thinks running is good, then running when you have something someone else wants is great.

This is Storm.Storm standing in the snow

The thing Storm loves most in the world is balls (and sticks). Storm obsesses over balls to the extent that I worry that our girls will forever be inept at any sport requiring one because we don’t ever let Storm play with balls, or see balls or, heaven forbid, fetch balls. Ever.

No balls.

Trip, in addition to loving to run, is (and I am, of course, totally biased here) a very intelligent dog.

Once Trip has discovered that he is still confined to a mere handful of acres and not allowed to go check out what’s happening three miles down the road, he eventually settles down (relatively speaking) and decides to torment Storm instead.

Since there are no balls – anywhere- he goes for the next best thing. Apples. Where you ask, does a dog find apples in the middle of winter with a foot of snow?

On the tree of course. Trip getting apple out of treeAnd if the last apples are out of reach, you just have to jump:Trip jumping for apple

(In addition to his grand intelligence, my dog has an excellent vertical jump!)Trip with apple in snowBall like object found he proceeds to torment Storm by showing it off (as in above picture) and then racing around out her reach. This causes Storm to bark incessantly, and then get yelled at for barking.

This crazy behavior was not a one time event. Trip has been tormenting Storm with apples all winter.

My dog is a brat.

A smart, high jumping, brat.

Eventually, when Trip is done with the running and the jumping and the teasing, he can be found taking a nap in a sunbeam.Trip sleeping

Which is when I can finally get my picture.