Morning Tea

These are my aunt’s horses. They have nothing to do with this post. I just thought you’d like them.DSCN3636-(2sm)  

Some days I drink my fancy tea. I fill kettles and use teapots and it’s all relaxed and lovely and warm and soothing.

Other days I just need tea- now – and I go for a mug of Lipton.DSCN3651-(2sm)

Step one: Get mug out of cupboard.

Step two: Fill with water.

Step three: Microwave mug with water.

Step four: Add tea bag.

Step Five: Drink.

That’s it, five steps and rarely a morning goes by where I don’t forget my tea at one of them.

Mid-morning I find my empty mug on the counter.

I find mugs with lukewarm water both in the microwave and on the counter.

Tea bags are left unopened sitting by the sink.

And, most pathetically, I find tea, ready to drink, sitting untouched and wonder what is wrong with my brain in the morning that I can not focus through a very simple five step process.DSCN3649-(2sm)

Meanwhile I’m stumbling through my morning, hating life (like I do before 8 AM, 9 AM, 10 AM!?) wondering why I can’t get the fuzz out of my brain and get going.

It’s pathetic.

This morning I sunk to new depths and discovered a new and terrible way to ruin my cup of tea.

Running late, I was gulping my tea every time I passed through the kitchen getting ready. During one fly by as I was talking with John I grabbed my cup, gulped and as he causally mentioned that I was drinking his coffee, was already spitting it back out.

I don’t do coffee.

I quickly drank my tea – it tasted like coffee.

I headed out the door with a glass of water – it tasted like coffee.

I drank a Diet Coke – it helped.

It took a delicious lunch made by a friend and a second Diet Coke to finally scour the coffee flavor from the back of my throat.DSCN3686-(2sm)

Tomorrow I’m hoping that I do forget to drink my tea, at least until John is done with his coffee!