Just Jane

With the older girls back at school it’s just me and Jane all day long.Me and Jane

Perhaps I should rephrase that…

With her older sisters at school Jane is back to talking to just me all day long.

Today I learned some interesting things…

When she colors too much the bones in her finger become so sore it requires a massage from her mother to continue coloring. I really have no idea how she’s managed this long without her regular finger massages. I mean, really, sore finger bones, it’s a dramatic sort of problem. In fact I’m really rather amazed we made it through without professional intervention and merely a few wide eyed earnest looks and large sighs from the poor girl.

Then, after reading a book where someone was nervous, we were talking about what makes her feel that way.

“Well” she said, “if you trained alligators that would make me nervous.”

I tend to agree.Jane

If sore coloring fingers require massages just think of the drama alligator training would bring!