Mundane Monday – Super Socks

These socks have super powers.socks

I know, they look like your run of the mill, slightly dirty SmartWool socks.

They are.

The little hearts have nothing to do with their super powers, either. Though, they have kept them in my possession and off someone else’s stinky feet more than once. Which is pretty great but hardly worthy of super power status.

No, you can’t tell it by looking at them, but these socks exacerbate the effects of gravity on the wearer.

Super socks.

I have a fading bruise to prove that they should not be worn while attempting to move quickly.

I have lingering toe pain from proving that they are unsafe to wear while standing still.

And I have a suggestion from my husband that I no longer wear socks unless I’m sitting down and putting my boots on.

He thinks it’s because I don’t have the coordination to be a sock wearing, functioning human being, but I’m telling you.

It’s the super socks.

Linking up with PhoTrablogger’s Mundane Monday challenge again. Because if dirty socks (even ones with super powers) aren’t mundane I don’t know what is! 


Kansas Holes

Tonight as we discussed our favorite moments of the day we realized that many of them had something in common.

Watching people fall into holes.

Unfortunatly it wasn’t watching “people” fall it was watching me fall.

Normally when you are hiking if one foot disappears up to the knee in a hole you lunge your second foot forward to catch yourself, stumble a bit and move on.

Here in Kansas land of gigantic holes completely covered with prairie grasses that’s not the case.

Here once you lose one foot there is a very high chance that when you try and save yourself you will instead end up with both feet in a huge hole. Then comes the teetering, and the tottering, the attempts to save yourself, save your gun, and the praying that no birds go up while you are so compromised. Sadly no matter what you do, you still end up on the ground.

I was not the only one to have this problem, just the only one to have witnesses.

Both times.

Tyler described his favorite moment of the day as when he looked over and saw Mom walking though the field and a hat sitting on the ground…. I was under the hat.

Mom described her favorite moment as watching  me try to save myself as my body “bent like a willow stick in the wind” while my feet and legs looked like they were “stuck in cement.”

Sadly I never got to see anyone fall today.

Instead my favorite moment actually involved hunting and watching Misty point and then circle around in front of me to put up running pheasants between us.

My hope is tomorrow I tomorrow it’ll be my turn to watch someone else fall in a hole and that the birds Misty puts up will be roosters instead of hens!