Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

Clara had just gotten her hair cut.

If you don’t know Clara you should pop over and read That Girl… to familiarize yourself with my fantastic middle daughter who’s known more for her death defying tricks than her fashion conscious lifestyle. 

She waltzed out of the hair salon with her newly cut, styled and glittered hair and as she buckled up in the truck I looked back at her and said, “Clara, I like your braids!”


“Yeah,” she said with a toss of her head, “they’re French.”

Things to Consider Before Entering A Tough Mudder

Two weeks ago John completed another Tough Mudder race. He loved it. However, I feel it is my duty, as his wife, to warn any potential Tough Mudders of some of the after effects of the challenge.

Inevitably, it has been one of the reasons we do a lot of laundry…John in the mud

It was also the entire reason his foot was swollen up black and blue and he couldn’t walk normal for a week  (it wasn’t broken he had it checked)…Electro shock therapy

And most recently, it has turned into the reason Jane refuses to let me cut her hair…Jane with bangs in her eyes

“But, I no wanna mohawk!” she cries, sad Jane

So, if you are thinking about entering a Tough Mudder, get a bucket ready for those muddy clothes, try to avoid kicking walls and please, for the sake of their vision, trim your kids bangs before the big day!