Crazy Quilt

I was thinking about relatives of mine and women I’d never met the other day.

Specifically I was thinking about my Great-Great-Grandmother Betsy Amelia and her friends.dscn6983-2sm

Sometime around 1892 she and her friends made a Crazy Quilt. Crazy QuiltThere are many quilts in the family trunks, but this one has always been my favorite.

Part of the appeal is the quilt itself, I love to search for all the different embroidery stitches that dance over the many fancy fabrics.  But the real draw is the hidden stories.crazy quiltWhen I see an old quilt or other handmade item, I wonder about the person who made it. There are always stories hiding within things if you can find them. A quilt like this sets my over-active imagination wild. Not only was it made by many hands but those hands purposefully left their own marks on it.

Who were these women who left their initials behind in so many colors and styles? crazy quilt Where did all those fabric pieces come from?crazy quiltWho did the painting?crazy quilt

Why did my great-great-grandma take the quilt home when it was done? Did they make one for everyone?crazy quilt

So many questions.

It was over a hundred years ago and her life, their lives, were likely much different than mine. But the big question that always sticks in my mind is, once they all sat down together, was the substance of their conversations really that much different than when my friends and I gather for a book club? crazy quilt Elizabeth Amelia ConnellI like to imagine that they talked about babies and husbands and friends and families just like we do. And for all that the world has changed in the years since, I find that thread of conversation that weaves us together to be more important than the rest of it after all.

Mundane Monday: Worn Quilt

The quilt has lost it’s sharp lines and crisp colors but old quilts have their own soft beauty.quilt

The faded colors a testament to the love the quilt has weathered.

The hole in the corner a memory of a long gone puppy.

The frayed fabric a sign that the quilt is good for beds, picnics and blanket forts.

While the edges, still bright, bring a memory of when it was crisp lined and fresh, a graduation gift made by my mother-in-law before she was my mother-in-law.

While I still have a hard time applying the label “mundane” to my things I am enjoying the Mundane Monday photo challenge. Click through the link to see more amazingly un-mundane photos!