The Little Story

Once upon a time there was a little story.

After all it’s words were written just right and all it’s pictures were drawn just so, it went away to get turned into a real book. The little story was so excited to be turned into a real book so that she could go out into the world and talk to children everywhere.

But then…

She got lost in a dark scary place.

The little story wandered around for many days in the dark before someone found her and gave her a nice little green flashlight. Then she took her little flashlight and took a big breath and searched and searched until she found her way out of the dark scary place. The little story looked at herself when she got back out into the bright world and saw that, though she had been in the dark scary place for a long time it had turned her into a real book!

Then that real book looked around until she found a group of children and she told her tale, the one with the words written just right and the pictures drawn just so, and everyone was happy.

The end.

In highly related news our book is not yet on Amazon… it should be… now… last week…any moment… just waiting… waiting on Amazon… and waiting… any moment… annnnyyy moment… 

A Wish Come True

Once Upon A Time…

A little girl brought to her mother a special stone from a far away land. The sweet child earnestly explained that the special stone was, in fact, a wishing stone and that they must both rub the stone and make a wish.

And so they did.

The bright and cheerful little girl wished with all her heart to become a fairy-princess-mermaid while her fair and tired mother wanted nothing more than an afternoon nap.  Sadly the world was a harsh place. The little girl had been born to common parents and even after her wish seemed to be entirely devoid of wings or tail. Her mother had dinner to make, laundry to fold and a lawn to mow, it seemed that neither of their wishes would come true. Undaunted they resolved to be hopeful.

There is always tomorrow and one never knows what tomorrow will bring.

Then, one fine day, a messenger came to the house with a mysterious looking brown box. They examined the box thoroughly but could find no markings that showed where it had come from. Mystified the pair opened the box and found a note within.

Hi Jessie, Sometimes wishes do come true! Now go take a nap! OOXX

Hi Jessie, Sometimes wishes do come true! Now go take a nap! OOXX

Under the message was a magical outfit that turned the happy little girl into the mermaid she had so fervently wished to become.

(She tells me this is how the fancy mermaids get their picture taken...)

(She tells me this is how the fancy mermaids get their picture taken…)

Mother and daughter were incredibly grateful to whomever sent the mysterious box and overjoyed to find that their wishes had indeed come true!

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

We really don’t know who sent it and Jane about fell over with excitement as she thanked me over and over and over again for the gift while I kept repeating that it wasn’t from me. She slept with it under her pillow that first night to keep it safe!