I Saw Your Yoga

Ivy: “Mom! I saw your yoga!”

I am confused.

I don’t do yoga.

I’m not sure that I have “a yoga.”

I’m not sure what “a yoga” would be.

I ask for clarification.

I get none.

After a long circular conversation Ivy sighs with exasperation and goes to show me “my yoga.”

We find it on the bookshelf.baby gargoyle

The bookshelf, which I might add, goes floor to ceiling, has enough room for all my books and my baby gargoyle.

The unpacking is coming along.

Slowly but surely it’s coming along!

Please Hold

We are in the new house. back of house with apples

We are exhausted.

We are unpacking.

We are eating apple crisp.

We request that you please hold and enjoy some previously written posts until we find our way out of the cardboard box hell we have become mired in.

I’m taking pictures.

I’m planning blog posts.

A virtual tour is being contemplated.

But right now all I’m ready to share are these roses. pink rose

They are pretty.

I’m still working on the house.

Please hold.