My little brother got married on Saturday!

But, in the midst of all the preparations and rain…

… my camera stayed tucked away safe and dry.

When the big day arrived the sun came out to shine on their beautiful day but my camera never did.

Never fear, I’ve got a plan…

Formal wedding pictures are wonderful for framing and keeping forever but lets give Tyler and Sarah a peek at all those informal moments the wedding photographer might not have been around for!

If you were there for their big day send me your pictures and I’ll keep adding them to the gallery below, a little extra gift for the newly weds!

Congratulations Tyler and Sarah!



Barn Wedding

Weddings are always signs

But lending a hand to help out when good friends get married at your own family’s farm, where you yourself got married and watching it all turn out beautifully?

Those weddings are magical!Brian and Maria

Congratulations Brian and Maria, we were so glad to be a part of it all!

Seven Years

Today was our seventh anniversary and my photos of photos in the dark do no justice to the great photos my Aunt Helen took that day.

Now seven years have flown by and the girls are among the biggest of the many changes since that day.  Yet tonight over dinner (a completely scrumptious grilled venison tenderloin) as we reflected over the years we were most awed by how Johns grilling skills have grown. For our first anniversary he also grilled us dinner. While I don’t remember if I ate the resulting chunk of boot leather, the meal was memorable!  Thankfully I hadn’t married him for his grilling skills and he hadn’t married me for my cleaning skills so we are still smiling together today!  Of course now John is the best grill master I know but I still don’t clean the bathroom, looks like I got the good end of this deal!