Barn Wedding

Weddings are always signs

But lending a hand to help out when good friends get married at your own family’s farm, where you yourself got married and watching it all turn out beautifully?

Those weddings are magical!Brian and Maria

Congratulations Brian and Maria, we were so glad to be a part of it all!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning! (?)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!Morning Fog

Isn’t that pretty?

That’s what I’ve looked at out my front window every morning this week.

The fog sits between the rows of apple trees.

The windows at the peak of the barn reflect the colors of the sky.

Birds sing…

Kids wake up fighting, clothes are misplaced, breakfast is cooked and then scorned, school wants kids there on time, my yogurt spills in the truck, other drivers gesticulate and swear at me until I realize I’m driving 10 MPH through town, I call people the wrong names, drive the wrong way, mess up plans to meet friends, wake up without my voice, forget my tea at home…

Mornings – they may be pretty but I’m not ready to call them “good.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyesbarn

This is the neighbors’ barn as viewed from our upstairs window where I have always sat to rock the girls to sleep.

In the last six years I’ve seen it in the sun, the rain, the snow, the dark, spring, fall, with cows and without.

My favorite is when it’s under a full moon with snow on the ground.

But, lacking snow, I settled for my second favorite and was able to sneak in without waking Jane to get a summer sunset shot.

Sheep Shearing

Have you ever had a chance to watch a sheep shearer at work?

I find it to be mesmerizing.

The way wool comes off in one big piece, the sheep rolling in front and underneath the shearer as he turns them around and around.sheep shearing

The way he knows just where to grab a leg, push on a head or pull at an ear to move the animal easily into position.sheep shearing 2

The way he and the sheep make it look so easy that I want to try it too.

Instead, I looked at the length of his legs compared to mine, mentally calculated the weight of both sheep and clippers and decided I would join the watchers at the gate.Jane, Ivy, Granny watching shearing

Some of us had an easier time finding a good spot to watch than others.DSCN3057-(2sm)

But she tried and tried.DSCN3056-(2sm)

And what Jane lacks in height she makes up for in perseverance…DSCN3055-(2sm)

… and smiles!DSCN3060-(2sm)

Just about when Jane got it figured out we moved locations.

Which is when I found myself sitting on a pile of hay in an old barn.

The rain on the roof was just loud enough to drown out the pockets of conversation between family and friends. The sheep moved about in the fresh straw while the kids helped feed them and as the shearer continued at his work, I sat and enjoyed the moment.

A  moment of calm in what has been an unusually stressful and hectic week as we continue on with our “relocation.”

A moment that smelled of hay, sheep, and warm rain.

A moment of the best kind.

Have you ever had a chance to watch a sheep shearer at work?

I highly recommend it.